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Bellefit Girdle Pull-Up

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Natural Childbirth Postpartum Recovery Girdle Pull-Up

Back Pain Relief     Spinal Realignment     Abdominal Support     Lymphatic Drainage

Organ Repositioning     Posture Improvement     Ligament Stabilization     C-Section Incision Healing

  • Doctor recommended.
  • Provides support for pendulous abdomen after pregnancy.
  • Helps straighten the spine after nine months carrying the baby.
  • Right compression prevents enlargement of fatty cells.
  • Helps the uterus go back to its place in less time.
  • Easy access to the groin with convenient flap with hooks.
  • Stays in place and offers overall support.
  • Won’t roll down your back or ride up your buttocks.
  • Helps you perform daily duties without feeling the aftermath effects of an overweight belly.
  • Aids emotionally since you want to look nice and fit as soon as possible.
  • Highly necessary on the second or third pregnancy.
  • Great for lymphatic drainage; decreases the risks of fluid collection and helps reduce swelling.
  • Perfect to use after surgery not only for C-Section, but also Hysterectomy, Diastasis-Recti.
Tested and approved by healthcare professionals at an international level, the Bellefit® Girdle Pull-Up is an amazing, medical-quality undergarment for women after pregnancy as well as Hysterectomies and Diastasi Recti. Bellefit® Garments are not just lingerie, camis, body shapers or a simple – hold your pants disguise your belly band; they are medical garments to help the uterus go back to its place in less time, provide back support and compression without feeling uncomfortable. Bellefit® products have been Digitally Mastered in the US.Bellefit® Postpartum Abdominal Garments are comfortable and easy to wear. The reinforcement in the abdominal area reduces the deformity of excess fatty skin providing adjustable anatomic compression, allowing a faster recovery and molding of the mother’s figure. Our line of Bellefit® Garments has been tested with great results for women by mitigating pain and helping muscles recover. Bellefit® helps mothers resume their daily activities sooner.


 How to Wear a Girdle Pull-Up

Starting at a sitting position, step into your girdle and gently begin pulling Girdle over your hips.

Gently pull up the girdle to just below your bra-line and adjust.

With knees slightly bent, pull groin flap forward

Join the hooks on the bottom flap to the row of hooks that is the most comfortable.


Customer Reviews

The most helpful favorable review 
  A MUST Purchase!

Date published: 11/5/2012
5 / 5 stars

When purchasing this item, I figured it would work, but that the reviews given were “dramatic” as typical of companies to post. I was wrong. I gave birth to a 10 lb baby and had a HUGE belly. 8 weeks later my stomach is FLAT! I also didn’t realize how much the support was needed. My stomach/uterus was sore and ached unless I wore my bellefit. SOOOO glad I purchase this item for my first post-pregnancy. Could not recommend more highly!

  Does what you expect!!

Date published: 7/17/2012
5 / 5 stars

Purchased item prior to delivery and started to wear it 4 days after. 2.5 weeks out and was back into my pre pregnancy jeans. 3rd baby and this is a much different post pardum than prior post pardums. My body is way better and I owe it to this product. I purchased the large which fit me very tight after delivery and now have ordered the Medium with the zipper to get a tighter compression and can’t wait to get the new item!!

   No more muffin top! -

5 / 5 stars

I have been wearing for about 3 weeks now, the baby is almost 6 weeks, I didn’t discover it until he was about a weeks old and I wish I would’ve discovered it sooner because its making a world of difference to me. I asked my friend when my baby was about a week old how she got back into such good shape and she told me she’s tried a number of different things but the Bellefit was her favorite. She said she knows its kind of pricey but as Moms we’re always spending money on our kids, were always buying them the best of this and that why not splurge on ourselves for once something that’s gonna improve our lives and when she put it to me that way I was sold. When I got the Bellefit very quickly within 2 days of when I ordered it I put it on right away I have been wearing it ever since all day every day taking it off only to wash it and sleep. It’s extremely comfortable, it doesn’t move, it doesn’t bunch up it doesn’t shift it’s breathable I hardly even know I’m wearing it when its on which is just amazing. It smooths my belly very nicely and eliminates the muffin top i think it improves my posture too with the support in the lower back area and it just gives me some confidence that I didn’t have before when I’m walking around in my old clothes and as I lose the weight and it helps me get back into my clothes quicker – my pre-pregnancy clothes. I’m looking forward on going to a smaller size, hopefully in a month or two if I just keep wearing it all day every day…the hook-and-eye closure in the crotch is essential because you don’t want to be pulling this thing up and down all day. Once its in place it stays and it stays extremely well. I recommend it to anybody who is having a baby or is thinking about a baby or even maybe had a baby a month or two ago- its not too late to start.

  I forget that its there! -

5 / 5 stars

The girdle that I purchased was the natural birth recovery girdle. It does not have any zippers on the side, it’s just a regular girdle and I found that it’s very easy to take on and take off. I put my girdle on the day I was leaving the hospital and have been wearing it ever since. I had my baby about 3 weeks ago and am already back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and very close to my pre-pregnancy weight. One of the key advantages to this girdle is that it does not roll down, its very comfortable and provides a lot of support for the back. When I was doing my research one of the things that I was looking for in reviews was for a girdle that did not roll down and this one does not. Whether I’m doing chores around the house or out running errands it stays in its place and sometimes I forget that its there. It does not show through clothing so people don’t even know that you have it on. It’s been a real confidence booster to me because people say that I look great and I feel very great about how my stomach is coming down and coming along. I did gain about 35 pounds in my pregnancy so it’s amazing to me to see how this product has really helped me speed up the process of getting back to my pre-pregnancy size. This is my 3rd child and the first time I’ve tried a girdle, so I’m absolutely amazed and really happy with the product and how its worked for me. I recommend it to anybody and everybody who is looking for something that provides real results. I ordered my girdle and I received it about 2 to 3 days later. So that was definitely a great thing that It shipped quickly and I got it just in time. So overall I rate this product 10 out of 10 and am 100% satisfied with it and for anyone who is looking for something that provides real results, I definitely recommend the Bellefit girdle for you.

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