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Cynthia Suarez, Founder & President of Bellefit answers questions about post pregnancy and addresses a variety of topics from home births, to emotional health, breastfeeding and more.

What Are Kegels?

A strong pelvis is beneficial to pregnant women. It prevents incontinence and makes birthing a baby smoother and less painful. Kegels are exercises that help strengthen the pelvic wall resulting in a successful delivery of your baby. The Benefits of Doing Kegels There are many benefits that come with doing Kegels. For example, the exercise […]

Anxiety During Pregnancy: What’s Normal and What’s Not?

Being anxious often comes with being pregnant. After all, you want to deliver a healthy baby despite environmental concerns. Knowing the difference between normal pregnancy fears and abnormal pregnancy fears helps you determine when to seek professional help. Being a Model of Perfect Health Being healthy doesn’t just refer to your physical state. It also […]

Bellefit Maternity partners with Susan B. Anthony Recovery Center to aid in rehabilitation efforts

Here at Bellefit Maternity we’re no strangers to the challenges many women face. Our line of postpartum girdles is just one way we’ve been working to make a positive impact in the lives of new moms. Launched in 2008, Bellefit girdles have helped thousands of women around the world find comfort after having a baby. […]

Differences Between Vaginal and C-Section Childbirth

There are many differences between having your baby vaginally and having your baby via c-section childbirth: The method of delivery is the most obvious difference. During a vaginal delivery, a woman births her baby through her vagina, pushing in accordance with her contractions. During a c-section childbirth, a woman births her baby through a surgical […]

Postpartum Emotional Health and Physical Symptoms

During pregnancy, first-time mothers often fixate on the physical sensations associated with labor and birth. They wonder what contractions will feel like and if they will need or want pain medication. They worry how a vaginal delivery might affect their future intimate interactions with their partners; and perhaps they may think about what factors may […]

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