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New Moms sharing their post pregnancy experiences, challenges and beyond. Learn about women’s experiences with abdominal compression, diastasis recti, multiple pregnancies, and more.


mom sharing #mybellefitstory

The buzz created after Fox TV’s Brittany Graham and Brooke Hackett spoke on-air about their experience with Bellefit® postpartum compression girdles got us thinking, Who’s Next? Bellefit Maternity on FOX 13 News from Bellefit on Vimeo.   We love that Brittany and Brooke gave us rave reviews. And we especially appreciate their willingness (and eagerness) […]

Best Postpartum Girdle Certified Doula Childbirth Educator Video Review

Hi I am Debra Geymayr, directress of Prenatal Plus Yoga, here in Coral Gables Fl. Basically dealing with pregnancy, birth and beyond. Dealing with the wonderful time of pregnancy where women stay fit physically, emotionally and spiritual and just helping them feel comfortable and enjoy their 9 months of pregnancy. The Best Postpartum Girdle I see hundreds […]

Fit Mom Reviews Bellefit Corset With Amazing Results

Fitness mom blogger, Sia Cooper from Diary of a Fit Mommy, wore a Bellefit Corset after the birth of her first baby in March 2014. Here’s what she had to say about her experience with Bellefit. You can see her full postpartum corset review at “Hi ladies! Today I am reviewing Bellefit Maternity. The Bellefit […]

With My Bellefit Girdle I Noticed Some Results Pretty Quickly

Rachel’s Bellefit Girdle Results After Child Birth Hi my name is Rachel and I ordered a Bellefit while I was still pregnant with him. He’s now three months old and I’ve been wearing it since about two days after delivery. I noticed some results pretty quickly, especially with self esteem, because it’s kind of awful […]

“Wearing the Bellefit Corset Helped Me Get Back to My Regular Routine”

Bellefit Mom Kristine delivered her baby boy via C-Section and wearing the Bellefit Corset gave her the extra support she needed to get back into her regular routine sooner. “So just to paint a clear picture for any women who have doubts about this product…. My belly measured 43 inches around at 36 weeks, right […]

Third Pregnancy Worry – Will I be able to get back in shape after this one?

Third Pregnancy Worry – Third-time Mom Brigitte B. never imagined that a Bellefit Girdle could help her recover so well after her third Pregnancy. “I had a baby in May and started to really use the Bellefit Postpartum Girdle around two months later. I got really serious about wearing it consistently because I wanted to […]

The Bellefit Corset helped my belly shrink down faster compared to my first pregnancy

Laura discovered the Bellefit Girdles and wore one after the birth of her second baby. Bellefit helped her bounce back faster than after her first pregnancy. “Hi I am Laura and I’m here to tell you about my experience with the Bellefit maternity girdle. I have the side-zip girdle. I started wearing it a few […]

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