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Watch the video reviews of moms who used Bellefit Girdles for their childbirth recovery. From childbirth educator testimonials to new moms, watch women share about their challenges with weight loss after pregnancy, bouncing back post baby, and more.

Best Postpartum Girdle Certified Doula Childbirth Educator Video Review

Hi I am Debra Geymayr, directress of Prenatal Plus Yoga, here in Coral Gables Fl. Basically dealing with pregnancy, birth and beyond. Dealing with the wonderful time of pregnancy where women stay fit physically, emotionally and spiritual and just helping them feel comfortable and enjoy their 9 months of pregnancy. The Best Postpartum Girdle I see hundreds […]

The Bellefit Corset helped my belly shrink down faster compared to my first pregnancy

Laura discovered the Bellefit Girdles and wore one after the birth of her second baby. Bellefit helped her bounce back faster than after her first pregnancy. “Hi I am Laura and I’m here to tell you about my experience with the Bellefit maternity girdle. I have the side-zip girdle. I started wearing it a few […]

I didn’t have to wear my maternity clothes after childbirth at all!

didn't ahve to wear maternity clothes after childbirth with a Bellefit Girdle

Ashley used a Bellefit Girdle after the birth of her second baby and didn’t have to wear maternity clothes at all after childbirth! Hi I’m Ashley, I used the Bellefit postpartum girdle for my second pregnancy. I didn’t get to use one for my first because I didn’t know it existed. A friend actually referred me […]

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