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Medical conditions during and after pregnancy.

What You Need to Know About Subluxation of Symphysis in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Puerperium

Pregnancy and childbirth are miracles a woman’s body can adequately perform. Women have the capability to carry a child in their womb and experience bodily changes that are at times nearly impossible to believe can happen. One such change is subluxation of symphysis in pregnancy, childbirth, and puerperium. You may ask what is that? An […]

High-Risk Pregnancy 101

If your OBGYN has deemed your pregnancy “high-risk,” there are a number of factors that could potentially contribute to the diagnosis. After thoroughly examining you and knowing your medical history, lifestyle choices, daily habits, and prior pregnancies, the medical professional will determine whether your pregnancy poses a risk to you and your baby’s health. If […]

A Guide to Lower Abdominal, Inguinal, and Groin Pain During Pregnancy and After Delivery

Table of Contents Definition Diagnosis Causes Treatment Prognosis   Women have the beautiful ability to experience pregnancy and childbirth. They can feel movement inside their bodies, see pictures through ultrasound, and experience the sheer joy of bringing a new life in the world. While pregnancy is beautiful, there are some not- so- great experiences a […]

Acute or Chronic Pain in the Lumbar or Sacral Region During Pregnancy

Table of Contents Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy Sacral Back Pain During Pregnancy Diagnosis of Pregnancy-Related Back Pain Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy Treatment of Lumbar Pain and Sacral During Pregnancy Lower Back Pain Relief During Pregnancy Back pain, especially in the lumbar or sacral regions, is a common condition experienced during pregnancy. In […]

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