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5 Best Ways to Lose Weight After a C-Section (#3 is the Most Effective)

Now it’s true that an abdominal surgery is not a minor thing. Your body goes through a lot after childbirth. And cesarean deliveries tend to be more demanding than the normal ones. It’s because the former involves an incision as part of the procedure. But when it’s time to get moving to shed that belly […]

Abdominal Separation Recovery After Pregnancy

abdominal separation recovery

“I’ve shared before that I had some ab separation after Maya. It’s not the most pleasant experience ever, and it can be a bit frustrating. I’m happy there are companies like @bellefit to support women in postpartum, both figuratively and literally. Get this, the company is headquartered in my hometown of sunny Weston, Florida! I […]

Twin Pregnancy Recovery

twin pregnancy recovery

Now that I’m officially a “twin mom”, I decided to start something I like to call Twin Mom Tuesdays were I share my favorite twin mom items![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]A lot of new moms/soon-to-be-twin-moms have been asking me to review different products, so I’m excited to start! Today I started wearing something I SO wish I had bought […]

Waist Trainers for the Post Baby Belly: Are They Safe?

Sports Waist Trainer natural rubber boxing stance

Safety of Waist Trainers Yes, waist trainers are safe if used properly. Below are some tips about waist trainers: A waist trainer should feel tight, but it shouldn’t cause pain. If wearing a waist trainer makes you feel dizzy, then it’s probably too tight and should be adjusted. The quality of many waist trainers available […]

Body Wraps After Pregnancy: A Great Combination

woman wearing girdle

Body wrapping is the practice of winding warm fabric or rubber bandages around body parts to “detox,” tone, hydrate or slim the bod. It is a staple at spas the world over. These pampering treatments often include wraps soaked in herbs, seaweed and mud from exotic locations. They also contain oils, creams, or minerals depending […]

Belly Bandage vs Body Shaper – Which is Best After Pregnancy?

For new moms, life after baby can be a rude awakening, introducing unfamiliar stressors to an otherwise routine lifestyle. Around-the-clock feedings, lack of sleep, diaper changes and a crying baby are just a few of the adjustments parents face the moment baby is born. With such a major life change, the last thing mom needs […]

Abdominal Support with a Postpartum Compression Garment

Postpartum Compression Garment Before and After Results

Busy mom Deanna F. began researching for a postpartum compression garment while pregnant with her third child. She was in search of something that would offer the support she needed to keep up with her 4 ½- and 2-year-old children. Her lengthy research resulted in her ordering: A bundle that included both the pull up and dual […]

Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy with Triplets

pregnant with triplets

You have had a confirmed positive pregnancy test from your doctor and it’s time for your first sonogram. You were lucky enough to conceive without fertility treatment, and you’re excited to meet your first child through imaging. It’s obvious this pregnancy is progressing very quickly, but with no basis of comparison, you tell yourself everyone’s […]

What Two Pregnancies Really Close Together Will Do to Your Body

Jessica’s photos – Pregnant, Postpartum and after Bellefit and therapy. What two pregnancies close together will do to your body: Mom of two, Jessica K. recovered from consecutive pregnancies and treated her Diastasis Recti with the help of a Bellefit Girdle. “I had two pregnancies really close together and had issues with excess skin, back […]

Lochia Postpartum Bleeding

Postpartum Bleeding Lochia Bleeding is the name given to postpartum bleeding. It is the way in which your body expels excess mucus, placental tissue, and blood after giving birth. Lochia is very similar to the bleeding you experience during your menstrual period, however, it is much heavier. It typically begins in the hours immediately following […]

C-Section Recovery, a Guide to Post C Section Care

Each woman’s pregnancy, birth, c-section recovery, and motherhood experience is as unique as she is. A c-section is a surgical birth; an obstetrician makes an incision in a woman’s lower abdomen and removes the baby through this opening. A C-Section is a very different process from a vaginal birth experience. Because a c-section is major abdominal […]

C-Section Definition and Information

While you might know of it as the most popular alternative to natural birth, you might not know what C-section is exactly. During a c-section, your baby will be born through an incision in your abdomen; this is the c-section incision. C-Section Definition “Bikini Cut” C-Section Incision Your obstetrician will probably use a low, transverse incision […]

5 Exercises to Gradually Re-Strengthen Your Core after Giving Birth

During pregnancy a woman’s mid-section — which consists of the abdomen, back and hips — goes through significant changes resulting in a temporary weakening of this core area. The diminished strength of a woman’s core becomes noticeable when she attempts to initiate intra-abdominal pressure which is necessary to keep her torso upright during daily activities. […]

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