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Learn more about C-section recovery and support. C-section definition and information, as well as post c-section incision care tips and indications. Learn about the benefits of using a compression garment to recover from a c-section.

C-Section Recovery, a Guide to Post C Section Care

Each woman’s pregnancy, birth, c-section recovery, and motherhood experience is as unique as she is. A c-section is a surgical birth; an obstetrician makes an incision in a woman’s lower abdomen and removes the baby through this opening. A C-Section is a very different process from a vaginal birth experience. Because a c-section is major abdominal […]

C-Section Definition and Information

While you might know of it as the most popular alternative to natural birth, you might not know what C-section is exactly. During a c-section, your baby will be born through an incision in your abdomen; this is the c-section incision. C-Section Definition “Bikini Cut” C-Section Incision Your obstetrician will probably use a low, transverse incision […]

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