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Tips for the first trimester of your pregnancy. Revealing your pregnancy, nap times, morning sickness and more.

5 Questions to Ask Your OBGYN on Your First Visit

Your very first prenatal visit can be a whirlwind experience. But, if you know what questions to ask first, it’ll be a lot easier. These five question suggestions can help guide you to a successful and well-informed relationship with your OBGYN. 1. Can I continue taking my current medications? If not, what alternatives are available? In […]

Helpful Ways to Deal with Pregnancy Nausea Aka Morning Sickness

During pregnancy, most women experience queasiness and nausea especially during the first trimester and for some women, the nausea returns during the third trimester. There are cases when pregnant women don’t experience any nausea at all, for the rest of us; it’s a reality we have to deal with. The reason why pregnancy nausea occurs […]

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