10 Things They Don’t Tell You About Having a C-Section

things they don't tell you about having a c-section

A Cesarean-Section or C-Section is something that many pregnant women know little about. They have an idea how the procedure works but aren’t aware of all the things that go on throughout the process. In order to better prepare you for delivery, we’ve decided to cover some of the most common things that happen before, during, and after you’ve delivered your newborn child.

Here are ten things they don’t tell you about having a c-section:

Prepare to get dressed only to get undressed once again.

  • To prepare for the surgery, you’ll wear a surgical gown. Once the surgical team is in the room, however, you’ll be naked from your neck down, so they can get to your baby easier.

Your arms may be tied down to keep you from flailing around during the procedure.

  • It’s also to keep you from instinctively grabbing your baby. You could cause both you and your child health concerns by doing so.
  • Remember, a surgery room is a sterile environment which is why your hands may be tied above your shoulders during the C-Section.

things they don't tell you about having a c-section

The surgical team will likely talk about the most random things.

  • Small talk among surgeons and staff is to be expected. It’s to put you at ease by making the medical professionals seem more human.

Your partner might not like what they see.

  • Because you’re having a surgical procedure done, they may witness things that they weren’t prepared to see.
  • You’ll be able to gauge their reaction based on their facial expression. Don’t let this discourage you. You’re going to do great!

You won’t be able to feel most of your body.

  • You’ll be numb from the chest down. This helps you relax and allows the surgeons to work their magic. You’ll be able to connect with your baby once he or she is born.

You can see your baby being born if you ask in advance.

  • There is typically a drape that hangs so you don’t see the surgery taking place. If you want to see what’s going on, you can request to. Some hospitals offer a clear drape versus a fabric one.
  • You can then see the moment your child arrives without a barrier in the way.

You’ll feel the baby being pulled out of your womb.

  • The baby will be gently tugged from your belly. You’ll feel the sensation even if your body is numb. It won’t hurt, but you’ll know it has taken place.

things they don't tell you about having a c-section is that it doesn't take very long

The entire procedure takes no time at all.

When the baby breastfeeds the first time, you’ll likely not feel it at all.

  • You’ll still be numb from the surgery. It’s nothing to worry about because a lactation expert helps you with things like latching.
  • You’ll be able to spend quality time bonding with your newborn long after the medication has worn off.

You’ll be reminded of the miracle you brought into the world the first time you hold your newborn child.

  • When you see your baby and hold him or her in your arms, you know all is well. You’re struck by how magical being a parent is and can’t wait to share your newborn with other people who will love them as much as you do.

Now that you know what to expect from a C-Section, you’ll have an easier time preparing for and healing from the surgical procedure. You’ll be able to enjoy the experience without going into it with apprehension. You’ll be able to prepare your partner for what will take place in the operating room, too.

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