8 Questions to Ask a Doula That’ll Help You Choose the Right One

questions to ask a doula

Ask the Right Questions to Get the Best Doula

If you’re considering using a birth doula, there are some things you should know before finalizing your decision. There are questions to ask a doula so you can get one that’s perfect for you, your baby, and your needs.

Having a really good idea who the person is and how they will assist you with the birthing process is key. After all, they serve as both birth coach and medical care advocate for you.

Use this guide to get to know what questions to ask the birth doula you’re interviewing.

1. Tell me about yourself and your training.

One of the very first questions to ask a doula is about certifications and issuing organizations. That way, you get a feeling for the scope of knowledge she possesses.

2. How many births were you present at?

This lets you know how extensive their experience is, and how many new mothers trusted the doula.

3. When would you be with me during labor?

questions to ask a doula about labor

Labor support

A doula who is willing to be with you from the moment that you enter the hospital and give birth is ideal. This means she will provide guidance and support throughout the process.

This is definitely one of the questions to ask a doula before you make your choice.

4. How can you help me experience a smoother labor?

Part of the list of good questions to ask a doula is about how she can help you experience smoother labor.

The birthing doula should possess extensive knowledge about the birthing process. She should also be able to provide valuable tips and techniques that make labor easier and less painful.

5. How do you feel about pain meds?

questions to ask a doula about pain

Birth pains

Some doulas do not believe in epidurals or the administration of pain medication and may strongly urge you not to choose either.

Ultimately, you want to hire a doula who has your best interests in mind despite their personal belief system.

6. What made you decide to become a doula?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a doula. They’ll be able to share their passion for their job with you if they are truly in the right field.

You’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that you’ve chosen to work with someone who will make sure that you are taken care of throughout the delivery process.

7. What do you charge in terms of fees?

Your budget

Asking how much a doula charges helps you determine if the services rendered are worth the price being charged, and if you have the budget for it.

8. Where can I find client reviews of your services?

Asking for “proof of experience” in the form of client reviews is one of the questions to ask a doula before hiring one.

Getting to know what others have to say about the doula is very important. It allows you to witness their experiences and get to know how the professional works under pressure and in different environments.

reviews questions to ask a doula

If the doula is reluctant to share this information with you, consider it a red flag and find someone else to work with.

After you’ve asked the important questions that help you determine which doula to work with, you’ll want to base your final decision on your gut.

Know whether or not you felt comfortable speaking and being around the person. Did she seem to know her stuff and feel passionate about the work she does? Were your questions answered and choices supported?

A birth doula’s job is very intimate. It requires a connection between the birthing professional and the mother.

If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten to know the doula you planned to work with the way you’ve wanted to, it’s likely because you didn’t thoroughly interview the individual.

The more questions you ask, the better off you are because things haven’t been left unsaid and recovery will be much easier.

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questions to ask a doula after childbirth

Do you feel these questions to ask a doula are enough to make the right decision? You’re welcome to share your thoughts!

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