Corsets that Promote Weight Loss After Pregnancy

bellefit corsets that promote weight loss

A corset doesn’t burn fat, but it can promote weight loss in healthy postpartum women

Wearing a compression garment postpartum is recommended, Why? During pregnancy, a woman maintains a blood volume one and a half times her normal levels. That is a lot of extra fluid!

In addition, women tend to retain water later in pregnancy. Below are photo sequences showing women 1) pregnant, then 2) immediately postpartum and finally 3) after losing their pregnancy weight. All these women wore a weight loss corset to aid in their childbirth recover.


Reasons Why Pregnant Women Experience Swelling

Many pregnant women experience swelling in their ankles, feet, and hands. 


  • A common, but potentially dangerous condition, eclampsia, causes significant water retention and high blood pressure.
    • Women with this condition, or its precursor, pre-eclampsia, are prone to putting on water weight, especially toward their due dates.
    • Doctors and midwives carefully monitor this condition, but once the baby is born, the new mom’s blood pressure typically returns to normal. But she is still carrying around lots of extra water!


IV Fluids

  • Additionally, most women who birth their babies in hospitals have an IV during labor and birth.
  • An IV delivers fluids to the body and serves as vehicle for some medications that a woman may receive during childbirth, like Pitocin.
  • Because the IV delivers extra fluids directly into a woman’s blood vessels, there is even more fluid for a woman to lose after a hospital birth!


How Do Women’s Body Regulate Weight Gain After Pregnancy

Many factors contribute to weight gain during and after pregnancy. Over time, the body will regulate itself, most new mothers experience:

  • Frequent urination
  • Sweating
  • New mothers will experience a few periods of intense sweating over the first week.
Wearing Postpartum weight loss corset
Wearing a weight loss corset after childbirth, however, can speed the loss of this excess water.

Again, the body is simply doing its job – using the systems it has to reduce fluid levels.

Are there Corsets that promote weight loss?

  • Wearing a weight loss corset after childbirth, however, can speed the loss of this excess water.
  • By compressing the abdominal tissues, excess fluid becomes available for transport through the blood to the kidneys, to be removed by the excretory system.
  • The compression offered by a weight loss corset also helps to return the internal organs to their proper places within the abdomen. And finally, a compression garment gives the abdominal muscles the support they need to snap back to their original shape.
swelling after childbirth
Swelling that occurs after giving birth.

Women with diastasis recti, a separation of the abdominal muscles, find relief and support using a weight loss corset or comparable compression garment.

The compression provided by a girdle or corset gives the abdominal muscles a chance to heal in their proper position, rather than healing incorrectly.

Our Bellefit products double as weight loss corsets, allowing a new mother to return to her pre-pregnancy shape and size more quickly by speeding recovery and promoting weight loss in the abdominal area.

All of the Bellefit styles have the same level of compression, so women using them will see results no matter which style they choose.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Corsets

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