The Bellefit Girdle Really Made My C-Section Scar Feel so Much Better

About six months in my pregnancy, I started thinking about trying to get back into shape after our baby was born and after researching, I decided to try the Bellefit C-Section girdle. It was fabulous! I was optimistic and once I tried it, I started seeing results right away.

I started using it the day after he was born and pretty much all day, I slept in it. I found it very easy to get on and off and use the restroom and in my daily activities. It really made my c-section scar feel so much better. I found that it held it tight against my body so I had less pain which was really nice.

I’ve already gone down one size which is great. I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothes in two about weeks. So I would definitely suggest it for a friend, in fact, I told someone yesterday “you’ve got to go and get one before your baby is born.” All in all, I am very pleased, the shipping was quick, it was there in one to two days, so I am very happy with Bellefit. Thanks!”

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