What Two Pregnancies Really Close Together Will Do to Your Body

Jessica’s photos – Pregnant, Postpartum and after Bellefit and therapy.

What two pregnancies close together will do to your body:

Mom of two, Jessica K. recovered from consecutive pregnancies and treated her Diastasis Recti with the help of a Bellefit Girdle.

“I had two pregnancies really close together and had issues with excess skin, back pain, and Diastasis recti. I began physical therapy to help rebuild my body and the first thing the therapist recommended was to get support for my core. That is when I found the Bellefit Girdle and it made ALL the difference. It gave me that extra strength and support that I needed while I was recovering and as a bonus, I got a flatter stomach as well!!! After I shrunk down quite a bit, I ordered a second Bellefit Girdle to keep seeing the benefits.

Thank You Bellefit!”~ Jessica K.

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