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With My Bellefit Girdle I Noticed Some Results Pretty Quickly

Rachel’s Bellefit Girdle Results After Child Birth

Hi my name is Rachel and I ordered a Bellefit while I was still pregnant with him. He’s now three months old and I’ve been wearing it since about two days after delivery. I noticed some results pretty quickly, especially with self esteem, because it’s kind of awful to just have the empty stomach there, still hanging out over your pants. I think it also helps in recovery of morale.

I ordered the side-zip girdle and it was very comfortable, and I also tried the Pull-up girdle, but I prefer the side zip because it has the extra small option. I slimmed back down to my pre-pregnancy shape pretty quickly. This is the side-view.

mom shares her bellefit girdle results after childbirth
Rachel with her 3 month old son

I still have a bit to go, but I’ve been eating pretty awful lately, drinking sweet drinks that I really shouldn’t be and haven’t worked out yet. So all the success I attribute to the Bellefit so far. I would definitely recommend this to friends and if we end up going through another pregnancy, I’ll be sure to order more.”

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