What is your Damaged/Defective Item Policy?

Occasionally, a product could get damaged in transit, or there may be a manufacturer’s product defect. With your help, we will ensure a timely and satisfying solution.

Products with factory defects, and any other problems originating prior to shipment and in-transit, will be handled differently than damaged products.

We ask that you report any product damages within 3 days of you receiving your order and defective products as soon as the damage occurs. After 30 days, Bellefit will make every attempt to replace your defective product, however charges may apply.

Replacements are sent free of charge and we will cover any return shipping costs and the shipping of the replacement product. We will send you return instructions accordingly. Do not discard the damaged or defective product until you receive instructions from Bellefit.
All claims require a digital image of the product.

Please understand that items that are found not cared as instructed may not be eligible for a replacement or may be subject to a fee. No refunds will be issued for defective products purchased over 30 days ago.

For help with a damaged/defective item, please CONTACT US.
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Cynthia Suarez

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