What is the difference between a Postpartum Girdle and an Abdominal Binder?

Postpartum Girdles:

· Provide all-around coverage of your core, rear-end and groin área to support your lower abdomen.
· Compress front-to-back and around the core to provide support of your groin and hold heavy flow pads in place.
· Must be worn with underwear. They are designed with a convenient access flap so you can use the restroom, change your pads, etc.
· Are designed to be easier for you to put on after giving birth.
· Can be worn day & night.

Abdominal Binders:

· Cover your mid-core. They are designed to reduce your waist and give you an hourglass effect.
· Don’t support the postpartum lower abdomen area as well as Girdles.
· Don’t support the c-section incision.
· Are made with triple-layered fabrics which makes them fit firmly around the waist.
· Are not recommended to wear right after giving birth.
· Are recommended for daytime use only.
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Cynthia Suarez

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