Adrienne K.

after giving birth


After Birth

After Bellefit

Delivery TypeBody ShapeWeight GainedPre-Pregnancy WeightHighest Pregnancy Weight
Natural BirthRectangle50130180

Adrienne K.

I started wearing my Bellefit 3 days after giving birth.

I wore it for 3 weeks straight day and night. After only the first night I woke up feeling and looking more like myself. I also loved the back support it gave me while breastfeeding, I could not sit up straight and feel comfortable without it!

Bellefit was such a lifesaver after pregnancy, it helped me get my shape back and feel confident in my new body.

Now 5 months PP I feel more like myself now than before pregnancy and owe a huge portion of that to my Bellefit.

Hands down the best investment I made in myself following pregnancy!

Choosing and Sizing

Use the Bellefit Sizing Chart to Find Out Your Recommended Size and Style!