Adrienne W.


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Natural BirthHourglass26158184

Adrienne W.

I am so glad I found Bellefit! After my second child was born, I could not get rid of a pooch, despite lots of ab work.

It was still there when I got pregnant with my third child. During my first trimester I discovered that I had diastasis recti, which explained why my stomach stuck out.

After giving birth, my diastasis recti was still there and the split was even larger.

I was worried that after having three children in less than five years, my abdominal split might never go away, despite my best efforts. I also had a weak pelvic floor that needed some help.

Laughing and coughing caused major problems.

Enter my Bellefit girdle! I had natural, vaginal birth and started wearing my Bellefit girdle after I came home from the hospital. While difficult to get on at first, it felt great once it was in place.

My back and abdominal area felt very supported. It helped my posture and relieved some of my back pain from breastfeeding. My Bellefit girdle also served as a great reminder for me to draw my abs in and together instead of pushing outward whenever I had to actively use my abs.

This served me well going about my day, particularly when lifting my older children and also while performing stretches and exercises designed to heal my diastasis recti.

I gave birth twelve weeks ago and my stomach already looks better now than it ever did after having my second child and before getting pregnant with my third.

Best of all, my diastasis is improving, and I can feel the difference in how much stronger my abs and pelvic floor are. Thank you, Bellefit!