Alexandra H.

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After Birth

After Bellefit

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Alexandra H.

I wore my Bellefit every day as long as I could, and while taking care of the kids.

It was so helpful for me, picking up my son who was 13 months when the twins were born and it not hurting my separated abdominals.

The twins were born 36+1 by c-section so it was so helpful having a compression to help that heal as well.

My husband took off the time he could but I still had 3 under 13months to look after, and I really don’t think I could have without it.

It’s done such wonders for my waistline and in such a short time.

I can’t wait to get fully back to the gym (mine is brand new just finishing construction so I haven’t been back yet).

The confidence it gives you to wear things that I definitely didn’t after my first, absolutely amazing.

My pregnant photo was in the hospital with contractions, the night they were born.

The postpartum was 2 days later and the third is 2.5 months progress with nothing but the Bellefit and good diet.