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Ashley M.

Originally I went back and forth as to if this product was worth the money…and let me tell you I could not imagine having gone without my corset.

2 days postpartum I had to use the loosest notch and TWO rows of extenders to close the corset!

Within a few days I could close the corset to the tightest row and used no extenders!

Within almost two weeks I went down to size large at the loosest.

Then by 4 weeks postpartum I was at the tightest notch for the size large!

I noticed a crazy amount of difference! And even still I wear the corset to help with my back which hurts only if I don’t wear it!

Also I noticed without the corset my abs feel loose and my insides feel unstable.

However, with it on I feel physically great!

It really helps with the shrinking of your baby belly, in addition to supporting your back and abdomen integrity while your body heals!

Also, I had a substantial tear and apparently and abnormal amount of bleeding that they had to give me clotting medication post delivery, YET I had no problem with the crotch area of the corset.

I just used an extender on the crotch area for the first 3 weeks, and it wasn’t painful and worked just fine with pads!

So happy I splurged and got these.