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After Baby Girdle Results
Brianna D.

Delivery Type Natural Birth
Body Shape Hourglass
Weight Gained 32
Pre-Pregnancy Weight 126
Highest Pregnancy Weight 158
Her Experience

I’m 5’2 with a petite frame and gained 40 lbs each with both my pregnancies which took a huge toll on my body.

After my first pregnancy I wished I had purchased a girdle so when I got pregnant the second time I knew I had to get one.

After about a month of researching different postpartum belts and girdles I decided on Bellefit and so glad I did!

I brought my girdles to the hospital with me to wear after delivery only to realize I couldn’t put them on! I was so upset. It wasn’t until a few days later and arriving home from the hospital I able to get the girdles on.

The relief I felt from the support of the after baby girdle was instant. Everything felt secure no more jelly belly!

It gave me the support I needed while nursing my baby and keeping up with my three year old. It also gave me so much confidence!

Tags: abdominal support, back support, breastfeeding, confidence, loose tummy
Brianna Used

Bellefit helps women lose the post baby belly by compressing the body during the childbirth recovery process.