Christine F.

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Christine F.

I absolutely love my Bellefit belly corset!I was pregnant with twin boys (over 13lbs combined birth weight) and gained over 70lbs!

I have diastasis recti and the only thing that helps with my back pain is my corset.

This corset helped with the pain from my c-section and split abdominal muscles more than any of the pain medication I took (which was important to me so I could breastfeed without medication in my milk supply).

I look forward to putting it back on because of the instant relief I feel.

I had a c-section with some other complications resulting in a longer hospital stay so I wasn’t able to put my corset on a soon as I had hoped and I still have had amazing results!

No one can believe I am the mother to my twin boys because I am already back in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I can’t say enough good things about Bellefit and recommend it to everyone I know.

I wouldn’t feel as confident and pain free if it wasn’t for this amazing product!

Choosing and Sizing

Use the Bellefit Sizing Chart to Find Out Your Recommended Size and Style!