Deanna F.

Postpartum Compression Garment Before and After Results


After Birth

After Bellefit

Delivery TypeBody ShapeWeight GainedPre-Pregnancy WeightHighest Pregnancy Weight
Natural BirthRectangle16116132

Deanna F.

While expecting our third baby, I knew I wanted to find a postpartum compression garment of some kind for support. After much research I settled on Bellefit.

I decided to order a bundle with the pull up and dual closure girdles. I was able to wear the size small pull up two days post delivery. It provided so much core and back support.

That support helped me keep up with our active 4.5 and 2 year old.

I felt much more comfortable in my post baby body and was able to fit into my pre pregnancy clothes with in a few days. After four weeks I was able to switch to the extra small dual closure girdle.

I’ve gotten so many compliments while wearing Bellefit and I’m quick to reveal my secret to any expecting friends I know! After 8 weeks I’m pleased with the results I’ve seen.

Thanks Bellefit for helping this Mama of three bounce back so quickly. I’m pleased with the results I’ve seen.

Choosing and Sizing

Use the Bellefit Sizing Chart to Find Out Your Recommended Size and Style!