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After Birth Girdle Results
Janae D.

Delivery Type Natural Birth
Body Shape Hourglass
Weight Gained 36
Pre-Pregnancy Weight 154
Highest Pregnancy Weight 190
Her Experience

I first heard about Bellefit through Pinterest and I was a little skeptical because with my first pregnancy I used a different brand of after birth girdles and I didn’t feel as though it helped to shrink my uterus back to its normal size until about 2 years later.

I decided to look up the reviews and everyone was speaking so highly of the Bellefit girdles.

The before and after pictures were so amazing that I immediately ordered my dual closure about 2 months before my due date.

The day after I gave birth I tried to get into my girdle but I could not get it zipped up, so I waited until I returned home from the hospital and had my husband help me get into it.

It was such an amazing feeling once I finally got it on.

My back felt better and it helped to pull my still droopy stomach in. The Bellefit gave me my confidence back after baby.

I was able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes less than 4 weeks postpartum. At 7 weeks postpartum I am back to my pre-pregnancy size and have told every pregnant person I know about the Bellefit.

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Janae Used

Bellefit helps women lose the post baby belly by compressing the body during the childbirth recovery process.