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After Pregnancy Corset Results
Kaleigh M.

Delivery Type C-Section
Body Shape Hourglass
Weight Gained 30
Pre-Pregnancy Weight 180
Highest Pregnancy Weight 210
Her Experience

At first I was terrified about purchasing something like a Bellefit Girdle as I thought I would be wasting my money. I was very wrong!!!

After having a repeat c-section it was one of the best purchases I have made!

I started wearing my Bellefit Corset Girdle right away after getting home from the hospital!

The after pregnancy corset gave me so much needed support with sitting, standing and even breastfeeding my baby!

I was able to do all those things right away with little to no pain and it allowed me to take care of my daughter without having help.

The girdle also made me feel very confident with my postpartum belly!

I wear my Bellefit Girdle everyday from the time I wake up till I go to bed.

I am now almost 5 weeks postpartum and plan to continue to use my girdle as long as I can and I will eventually workout with it(once cleared by my OB).

I highly recommend the Bellefit Products to all the pregnant woman! It is definitely worth the money!!

Tags: abdominal support, back support, breastfeeding, confidence, pain relief
Kaleigh Used

Bellefit helps women lose the post baby belly by compressing the body during the childbirth recovery process.