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Lindsay M.

Bellefit saved my life after having two c-sections!

I used my Bellefit corsets from the moment my swelling went down and I could get it on.

I bought a medium to start and the support it provided me was indescribable. I don’t see how a woman could deliver c-section and not recover without one!

I recommend it to EVERYONE! I would wear my corset around the clock.

When I was cleared to go back to normal activity at 6 weeks, I wore my corset to workout as well.

I would do cardio with it on early in the mornings before my babies would wake up.

My bellefit corsets are the reason I accomplished my goals after pregnancy. As the corsets got looser and I lost weight, I ordered more.

I now have sizes Medium through X-Small. I still wear it now and my baby is 4 months old… And I don’t plan on stopping!

Thank you Bellefit!

Choosing and Sizing

Use the Bellefit Sizing Chart to Find Out Your Recommended Size and Style!