Marjorie B.

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Marjorie B.

I gave birth to my first son on December 31st. It was a wonderful natural birth.

I had purchased a bundle Corset L, and Medium around my 30th week. The day after I gave birth, my husband helped me put on the Medium Corset, and it barely fit.

It was sooo tight but it gave me immediate relief.

I tried to tough it out and went home that same day with the Medium, but I just could not tolerate it and decided to put on the Large Corset.

With the Large Corset I immediately felt the comfort and support I was expecting.

The medium was simply too tight and I was just too swollen.

I knew I would eventually fit into the Medium Corset. My corset was a life saver. I went from feeling a void in my lower abdomen to feeling myself again.

Honestly I miss my pregnant belly! I enjoyed my pregnancy so much, but now it is time to take care of my baby.

The corset allows me to be move around with more confidence. It is such a TOUGH garment and it is well made.

The website states the Bellefit is a registered medical device, well, I’ll tell you from my own experience, it certainly feels like one. Worth my investment.

One interesting experience during my first week postpartum was that when I took the corset off to shower, my entire abdomen would get the shivers and I could not control it.

I think it was my body telling me “HURRY with the shower and put the Corset back on!!” lol Wearing the corset for extended periods was easy.

The only challenging part at the very beginning was wearing the pads and closing the crotch flap, but after the first week, I was good to go. I used the extenders that came with the corset to adjust during that short period.

After 3 weeks I was able to slip into the Medium Corset and I have been wearing it until the end of March. So I wore my Corsets for a total of 3 months.

All I did was breastfeed, eat healthy (but a lot because when you breastfeed you get HUNGRY!) and take care of my baby.

I honestly didn’t have time or energy to work out. I don’t know how other mommies do it.