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Belly Girdle Before and After
Nicole K.

Delivery Type Natural Birth
Body Shape Hourglass
Weight Gained 50
Pre-Pregnancy Weight 148
Highest Pregnancy Weight 198
Her Experience

I had heard wonderful things about the Bellefit belly girdle from a friend, so I was excited to try it after having my baby!

I originally ordered the medium and small dual-closure girdle in the first trimester of my pregnancy.

Once I got home from the hospital I was not able to fit into the medium girdle because I had gained 50lbs while pregnant.

I called customer service, and they were great to work with!  They told me it would be best to keep the medium girdle and to replace the small with a size large.

In a few days I had a size large girdle delivered to my house with a shipping label to return the size small girdle!

Once I received the size large girdle I immediately started wearing it, and within two weeks I was able to fit into the medium girdle!

The girdle was very comfortable to wear all day!  I would even sleep in it some nights.

Although the girdles are expensive, it was so worth it to feel back to normal again!

Plus, I did not have to buy a new wardrobe to go back to work, because I was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy pants before my maternity leave was over!

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Nicole Used

Bellefit helps women lose the post baby belly by compressing the body during the childbirth recovery process.