Tawny M.


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After Bellefit

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Tawny M.

I purchased a Bellefit dual closure and a corset. I started wearing the dual closure the day after my c-section. The first day I tried to get it on it was like a workout!

I was sweating and pulling and tugging thinking, I wasted my money on this thing! I was WRONG!

As soon as I stood up I felt amazing! The weird jello belly feeling after having a baby was gone!

I could walk around in public with confidence. I was able to be active with my toddler soon after my surgery.

My worried husband actually had to tell me to take it easy because I felt so great and wasn’t resting as mush as I had to after I had my first baby.

The Bellefit got easier and easier to put on and I then was able to go a size down and wear the corset.

I’m still not physically where I’d like to be but the Bellefit has given me a great head start!

The only regret I have is not getting one with my first baby.”