Zoe B.

Confidence Booster After C-Section|Bellefit Postpartum Girdle and Corsets


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Zoe B.

Bellefit is a GameChanger! This was my second pregnancy, and my first c section.

I never really used any sort of girdle after my first pregnancy and was still struggling to lose the baby weight a year later.

My stomach always had that sag to it, no matter how much I worked out.

I bought Bellefit this time around and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight just 3 weeks and 2 days later!

Talk about a confidence booster! I’ve gotten so many compliments, and I love how slim it is-that you can’t tell it’s on under clothes.

I also was really happy with the one I picked, and the support it gave me around my incision and how it helped to hold my pads up.

My stomach and back feel better with it on than without it!

It helps my posture as well.

My photos are; my last belly picture, in the hospital right before surgery-2 days postpartum when I could stand after a blood transfusion, and then at the 3 week mark.

I LOVE that there are two sets of eyelet hooks because I’m still on the first set.

I look forward to seeing future results!

Choosing and Sizing

Use the Bellefit Sizing Chart to Find Out Your Recommended Size and Style!