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You go through the emotions in a matter of seconds – shock, happiness, excitement & apprehension, all rolled into one half-hour visit with your OBGYN. Twins? Triplets??? Will you have the room, the money, the sanity to handle this? How will this change your delivery plan? How will your body recover from multiples?

Twin Pregnancy Recovery

twin pregnancy recovery

Now that I’m officially a “twin mom”, I decided to start something I like to call Twin Mom Tuesdays were I share my favorite twin mom items![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]A lot of new moms/soon-to-be-twin-moms have been asking me to review different products, so I’m excited to start! Today I started wearing something I SO wish I had bought […]

Abdominal Binder After Pregnancy with Triplets

pregnant with triplets

You have had a confirmed positive pregnancy test from your doctor and it’s time for your first sonogram. You were lucky enough to conceive without fertility treatment, and you’re excited to meet your first child through imaging. It’s obvious this pregnancy is progressing very quickly, but with no basis of comparison, you tell yourself everyone’s […]

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