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The Leading Medical Brand for
Postpartum Girdles & Corsets
Firm, Breathable, Snug
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The Leading Medical Brand for
Postpartum Girdles & Corsets
Firm, Breathable, Snug

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What is a Postpartum Girdle

The Bellefit Postpartum Girdle has reinforced front and back support necessary to retain the abdominal wall and compact any lose, stretched skin.

Bellefit® offers the best postpartum girdles and corsets for women recovering from c-section and natural childbirth. The leading medical-grade, doctor recommended postpartum girdle and corset brand; Bellefit® helps women get back to their pre-pregnancy shape and lose the post pregnancy tummy faster.

Bellefit® Postpartum Girdles and Corsets are medical-grade abdominal compression binders made of polyamide fabric and elastane. Their hypoallergenic and micro porous fabric prevents skin rashes by allowing the skin to breathe, thus keeping it fresh and comfortable.

The Bellefit ® postpartum girdle and corset styles have a one-of-a-kind design that offers exceptional support by adapting to a woman’s unique body contour.

The Bellefit postpartum girdle provides adaptable and anatomic compression allowing for a safer and speedier postpartum recovery.

Bellefit Girdles are FDA Registered Medical Devices with Certification #3010828570

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Why Choose Bellefit Postpartum Girdles

C-Section Recovery Support

Great for C-Section Recovery

Wearing a Bellefit ® C Section Recovery Corset or Dual-Closure Girdle, offers protection and support to the c section incision, thus reducing the chances of the c-section sutures breaking, the wound eviscerating, or the c-section incision being compromised due to sudden movements.

postpartum girdles help with lymphatic drainage

Help with Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system relies on the movement from muscles in your body to push fluid along in order to perform its vital functions. By compressing the abdominal area and the uterus, the corset decreases the risks of fluid collection and helps reduce swelling, allowing for faster healing and recovery times.

girdles help with diastasis recti

Helps with Diastasis Recti

Basic abdominal exercises prove to be very helpful in treating abdominal muscle separation along with the use of a Postpartum Compression Corset, which can significantly reduce recovery time and diminish complications. Even without diastasis-recti, postnatal women need adequate core strength and stability for proper lifting and carrying.

postpartum girdles offer relief from pendulous abdomen

Pendulous Abdomen

The muscles of the pelvic floor and abdominal wall become increasingly weaker causing a condition known as pendulous abdomen – where the uterus tips forward – this condition can affect future childbirth deliveries because it can interfere with the descent of the child from the uterus.

frequent urination after childbirth

Convenience During Urination

Added convenience during postpartum Frequent Urination. Bellefit girdles and corsets have a convenient flap with hooks, which allows for easy access to the groin without removing the garment. Due to the several weeks of discharge after birth and the necessity of cleaning and drying the perineum (tissue between the vagina and rectum), the flap helps to keep this area clean, and dry.

bellefit girdles offer back pain relief

Lower Back Pain Relief

Bellefit helps reduce uterus swelling by safely supporting and compressing the abdominal and lumbar regions, which result in an improved posture, significant reduction of back pain, and a faster recovery for the postpartum woman.

Real Women Wearing Bellefit

Bellefit Girdles & Corsets

Bellefit’s advanced postpartum maternity girdle design helps reduce uterus swelling by safely supporting and compressing the abdominal and lumbar regions, which result in an improved posture, significant reduction of back pain, and a faster recovery for the postpartum woman. Health professionals and customers at an international level recognize Bellefit as the best postpartum girdle of medical-grade quality.

Bellefit postpartum girdles and corsets are unlike any other abdominal compression belly wraps and bands. They are medical quality garments to help the uterus go back to its place in less time, and provide women with comfortable and reliable back support and compression.

The girdle’s hypoallergenic fabric prevents skin rashes and its micro-porous design allows the skin to breathe, therefore keeping it fresh, dry and comfortable. Wearing a Bellefit ® postpartum girdle provides security, modesty, and exceptional comfort for the woman going through c-section or natural childbirth recovery.

The Bellefit groin closure flap is easily accessible and adjustable via two rows of hook and eye closures which allow for easy adjustment of the girdle’s tension in the groin. This convenient feature allows for maximum comfort as the body returns to its pre-pregnancy shape, while padding in key places ensure the optimal combination of comfort and compression.

Use the Bellefit Sizing Tool to Find Out Your Recommended Size and Style!

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postpartum girdle for diastasis recti


Diastasis recti is a condition where the right and left sides of the rectus abdominus (the muscle that makes up the front wall of the abdominals, also known as the “six-pack” muscle) spread apart at your midline. Diastasis negatively affects the strength of the abdominal wall and can aggravate lower back pain.

Abdominal separation occurs most often in response to the uterus pushing against the abdominal wall during pregnancy. It can also happen when there is an extreme over-abundance of sub-muscular (visceral) abdominal fat. In pregnancy, hormones are also partially to blame, as they can soften connective tissue, allowing the separation to occur more easily. Learn more about Diastasis-Recti.

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