Best Girdles After C-Section, Military Wife Shares Progress 7 Weeks Postpartum

Best Girdles After C-Section, Military Wife Shares Progress 7 Weeks Postpartum

Bringing home a new baby is an unforgettable experience — which is why our mission at Bellefit is to support women through their recovery, so they can cherish this time.

Our postpartum girdles are designed to provide women abdominal support and pain relief with the broadest selection of sleek, medical-grade postpartum shape wear.

C-section deliveries require major abdominal surgery. As a result, the recovery from c-sections will be very different from a vaginal birth experience. One way to speed your healing and added comfort is to wear a postpartum girdle or corset.

real moms wearing a bellefit postpartum girdle

We want to share the experiences of real c-section mommies who loved wearing their Bellefit girdles as they transition back into their pre-baby clothes.

We'll also cover some common questions about wearing a Bellefit girdle after a c-section, and discuss the unique features of c-section-friendly compression garments, so you can choose the best girdle that suits your needs.

How Soon Can I Start Wearing A Girdle After Having A C-Section Delivery?

You can wear your postpartum girdle hours after giving birth. In fact, many doctors and nurses recommend it for c-section recovery. For the best results, you should wear your girdle day and night in the first few weeks of healing. You'll be able to adjust and tighten your girdle as your body changes in the months following childbirth.

Mother with newborn

How Does A Girdle Help With C-Section Recovery?

Provides Abdominal and Back Support

The first few days with your new baby is an extraordinary experience, and it's the best time to begin bonding.

Your abdominal wall is a lot weaker now after having surgery, so wearing a girdle around your midsection will give you support to your lower back and core muscles, allowing you to move around more comfortably and hold your baby.

As you recover in the hospital for the next couple of days, nurses will encourage you to move around and increase circulation in the legs. The trouble is, the foundation of all movements begins at the abdominal muscles, and it's now at its weakest. A high-quality postpartum binder will help you feel secure and supported through your movements.

Decreases Pain With Medical-Grade Compression

Especially after the first 24 hours after c-section labor, you should support your wound with pressure. A compression garment designed for post-pregnancy provides constant pressure to the incision to assist you with hands-free compression for when you laugh with your baby and loved ones, sneeze, or use the washroom. Those actions can unexpectedly cause the abdomen to strain, which can accidentally rip your incision.

Allows For Deep Breathing To Reduce Stress

Breathwork is one of the best, natural pain-relieving strategies. Pain triggers the fight-or-flight response, which creates a surge of the stress hormone, cortisol. Improving your oxygen supply to your muscles activates the parasympathetic system (rest-and-digest mode) to ease anxiety, tension, and manage your pain.

Wearing a post-pregnancy girdle improves your back posture to open up space for your diaphragm to expand, allowing you to take full, deep breaths.

Now, let's get to the stories of our incredible Bellefit moms who experienced c-section deliveries.

Kim's C-Section Recovery With Bellefit

Kim during her third trimester.

Kim began wearing her Dual-Closure Girdle on the third day postpartum. She also has the Bellefit Corset, which she wore a week after as she transitioned down in size.

As a military wife, Kim needs every bit of energy she has to care for her new baby and her own needs, while her husband is away on duty. She loved how secure she felt in her movements while wearing her corset.

"Bellefit Girdles helped me have an awesome recovery from my c-section! It gave me back support and the tightness I needed to tighten my belly! I love love love the Bellefit girdle and the results it has given me so far!”

Kim holding her baby (5 weeks postpartum)

Kim completed her postpartum recovery with Bellefit 8 weeks after her c-section — However, every woman and postpartum recovery is unique.

Chelsea Experienced Pain Relief With Her Postpartum Girdle

With Chelsea's first pregnancy, she had undergone an emergency c-section that caused her to suffer unbearable pain. She recounts even walking around the grocery was difficult, and she needed a wheelchair.

She didn't know about Bellefit after her first c-section. When she was pregnant with her second child, she was determined to find the right products that would help her in her postpartum recovery.

Chelsea came home three days after delivering her second child and immediately wore her Bellefit Abdominal Binder, designed for c-section births. This time her recovery experience was much more bearable.

“I just felt so much better <...> I felt like I was able to walk around, get up and down the stairs a lot easier – even laughing, I didn’t feel like my stitches were gonna come out when I was wearing my girdle."

First Time Mom, Malva Recovers with Abdominal Binder After C-Section

Malva was amazed at how quickly her stomach bounced back to its pre-pregnancy size after wearing her girdle in just one week.

“Not only that, the muscles in my belly were starting to feel hard again, <...> It was so comfy that I forgot I was wearing it, and another very big plus is that it improved my confidence. I was able to sit, bend over, lay down and I slept wearing it, too."

abdominal binder after c-section results
Malva shows her photo at the peak of her pregnancy, just postpartum, and after wearing a Bellefit Abdominal Binder

Bellefit Results

Women who wear Bellefit typically experience two types of results which can happen within 1 – 12 weeks postpartum.

Bellefit Makes You Feel Stronger

The moment you put on your girdle, you’ll immediately feel the difference. Bellefit tightens your abdomen, providing relief to your weakened midsection.

Being able to keep up with your baby and get back to exercising sooner is a liberating experience, which is why others are saying such great things about waist training post pregnancy.

best girdles
Abdominal Binder After C-Section alleviates pain

Bellefit Makes You Feel Confident

These garments are more than your typical shape-wear underwear, in that they provide medical-grade compression. But you can't deny how good you'll look in your Bellefit corset.

The garments are sleek under clothing and are designed to trim your waistline and smooth the belly. Over time, women notice their abdomen is reducing in size as their postpartum swelling diminishes.

Wearing Bellefit within the first year after giving birth will give you the best results.

Now, let's briefly outline some features of the best post c-section garments.

The Best Bellefit Girdles For C-Section Recovery

Bellefit has the widest selection of FDA-registered postpartum girdles with 8 styles in sizes XS – 3XL. We'll go over the 7 best styles women love specifically for c-section recovery.

Garment Style Features
Corset • This is best for when swelling is at its peak
• 3 row adjustable front hooks
• Full rear coverage
• Accessible crotch opening
Dual-Closure Girdle • Excellent for swelling
• 3 row adjustable hooks
• Convenient padded zipper with anti-pinch
• Full rear coverage
• Medical-grade protection for c-section incision area
• Accessible crotch opening for flow pads
Bodysuit Corset • Best for long torsos
• Full rear coverage
• Open bust body suit
• Adjustable and removable straps
• 3 row adjustable front hooks
Cheekster Corset • No-panty line cheekster-style panty
• 3 adjustable front hook closures
• Medical-grade protection for c-section incision area
• Accessible crotch opening for flow pads
Corset Thong • Thong-style panty
• Adjustable and removable shoulder straps
• Can be worn classic, cross-back, or strapless
• Accessible crotch opening for flow pads
Girdle with Front Zipper • Easy-to-fasten front padded zipper
• Full rear coverage panty
• Accessible crotch opening to accomodate heavy flow pads
Girdle With Side Zipper • Seamless front, discrete under clothing
• Padded side zipper
• Accessible, adjustable crotch opening

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles, Corsets & Abdominal Binders

If you're looking for panty-less option waist trainers and abdominal binders, people also love Bellefit's selection in sizes XS – 4XL.

Ultimately, shopping for the best c-section girdles for you will depend on your personal recovery needs and style preferences — You can rest assured that Bellefit has your needs in mind when designing these garments.

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