Pregnancy Insomnia

If you’ve ever experienced insomnia without being pregnant, you know how disruptive it can be on your life. When you haven’t had enough sleep, you have difficulty concentrating. You’re too tired to think clearly and may do things out of character or even harmful to yourself accidentally.


pregnancy insomnia is caused by pains and aches of gaining weight from pregnancy

Aches and Pains That Come with a Change in Hormones and Weight Gain

Pregnancy insomnia is even worse because you have new aches and pains that you haven’t yet found the perfect treatment for. You not only have yourself to worry about but also your unborn child. Learning how to manage periods of restlessness is essential to your good health and overall well-being.

That is why we decided to discuss the subject today so that you’re well aware of what you can do to rest easier at night even when your belly is gigantic and your ankles are swollen. Use this list as inspiration on ways to avoid and overcome pregnancy insomnia. Gain relief and better quality sleep by taking note of the following.


You may have no problem falling asleep.

Staying asleep once you’ve had your sleep disrupted is another story. If you lay awake at night staring at the ceiling after a short period of rest, you’re likely experiencing insomnia. It can be due in part to the weight you’ve gained and the level of discomfort your body feels. Do what you can to make yourself comfortable. Wear lightweight pajamas that feel soft against your skin. Read something inspirational until you can no longer see clearly. Try counting sheep. Focus on your breathing. Each suggestion helps you fall asleep when you feel like you can’t.


A sleep routine is imperative because it connects the body to the mind.

When you give your body signals that it is time to wind down, relax, and go to sleep, you’re able to fall asleep quicker. Start an evening routine that emphasizes calm. Meditate right before bedtime to allow your mind and body to achieve blissful slumber. Make sure your bedroom is clean, comfortable, and the right temperature for the season. Darken the space by closing blinds, drawing curtains, and even wearing an eye mask if needed. Put your phone on airplane mode and refrain from checking it throughout the night unless there is an emergency that needs to be dealt with.

Give yourself ten minutes to worry and then let it go.

If you tend to overthink things, put a time limit on worrying. Give yourself 10 minutes to fret before letting it go. A good night’s sleep is often what is needed to put things into perspective. If you can’t come to terms with moving past it, write a few lines in your journal and promise that it will be the first thing you deal with in the morning. Knowing that you’ll be level-headed and clear-minded with rest makes it so you can relax and get some much-needed sleep before solving your problems.


Get a Good Night’s Rest by Putting Pregnancy Insomnia to Bed

Pregnancy insomnia can take its toll on you fast. It’s imperative that you get a good night’s rest as often as possible because sleep deprivation affects your physical and mental health. Now that you know what you can do to avoid pregnancy insomnia, you’ll be more mindful about your actions when it does come time to sleep.

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