“Wearing the Bellefit Corset Helped Me Get Back to My Regular Routine”

Bellefit Mom Kristine delivered her baby boy via C-Section and wearing the Bellefit Corset gave her the extra support she needed to get back into her regular routine sooner.

“So just to paint a clear picture for any women who have doubts about this product…. My belly measured 43 inches around at 36 weeks, right after I had my son I measured 39 inches so as you can imagine I was a little distraught, and my stomach looked like Pillsbury dough!!! I was skeptical at first but within two weeks of wearing the size small Bellefit corset I lost two inches! Within a month I was already able to fit the extra small now here I am 4 months postpartum and my belly now at an amazing 32 inches! That’s 11 inches benefit helped me lose! Just by wearing it! I had a C-Section and wearing the corset gave me the extra support I needed to get back into my regular routine. I would absolutely recommend Bellefit to every soon to be mom!”

~ Kristine R.

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