10 Tips to Have the BEST Pregnancy

10 Tips to Have the BEST Pregnancy

You can easily control your environment by making small adjustments daily. In return, you’ll be happier, healthier, and more comfortable in your own skin. You’ll even be better prepared for baby to arrive, too!

If you’ve never been pregnant before, you probably don’t know what to expect. Everyone you know is giving you advice, but only you know what your body and baby needs to thrive. If you want to have the BEST pregnancy ever, there are some things you can do in preparation of your baby’s arrival.

Among the most important is to exercise self-care daily as a way of honoring your body and increasing your ability to accept your new role of mother to the little one you’re carrying in your womb.

Here are ten tips that will help you have the BEST pregnancy.

1. Make exercise a priority during your pregnancy

Exercise during pregnancy is one of the best tips
Exercise during pregnancy keeps you fit and fine.

It’s easy to feel unmotivated when you’re carrying around excess weight. Exercise is good, however, in helping you manage your fluctuating hormones. It releases feel-good brain chemicals known as endorphins which make you naturally happy.

You’ll also notice less bloating and swelling because physical movement helps the lymphatic system do its job of flushing out toxins and waste products.

2. Cuddle up to a body pillow

Body pillow for pregnant woman offers big comfort
Get a body pillow as soon as you get pregnant.

Comfort is king. Start nights out as a pregnant woman right by acquiring a body pillow early on in your pregnancy. That way, you’re not sacrificing sleep because your growing belly is making you uncomfortable.

You can wrap your limbs around the pillow and sleep in a way that makes you feel good.

3. Get a pedicure

Second best pregnancy tip is to go for manicure
Pamper yourself, get pedicure done as you won't be able to do it yourself.

It’s perfectly acceptable to pamper yourself. A pedicure is a necessity once you’ve reached the latter stages of your pregnancy and are unable to reach your toes like you once did.

Go ahead and choose a pretty polish and have the nail tech give you the VIP treatment.

4. Take up yoga

Regular yoga practice during pregnancy relaxes your body, mind and soul
Practice Yoga regularly to keep your body, brain and soul aligned.

Learn how to move and stretch your body with great ease. Yoga is a healthy form of exercise that uses meditation and mindfulness in its practice.

Notice how your body feels while focusing on quieting your mind and deepening your breath.

5. Attend childbirth classes

Childbirth classes help to be mommies get full support during pregnancy
Enrol yourself into childbirth classes and attend regularly.

Meet other mommies-to-be and feel supported while pregnant. The bond you’ll form with your classmates will be like no other that you have.

Best of all, your child will have instant friends when he or she is born because of the friends you made during childbirth classes.

6. Buy some cute maternity clothes

Buy some cute maternity clothes to help ease your growing baby bump
Buy some nice maternity clothes for your body changing during pregnancy.

Stretch pants and baggy t-shirts may not be your thing at all. Invest some time and money to find maternity clothes that you love.

You can look cute and accentuate that growing baby bump of yours.

7. Eat some high-quality snacks

Eat healthy snacks to keep yourself as well as baby in womb well nourished
Eat high quality snacks.

You’ll need to consume 300 to 500 excess calories daily while pregnant. Start researching some of the best snacks to keep on hand and buy them on your next shopping trip.

That way, you’re not compelled to give in to cravings and consume way more food that you intended to eat.

8. Take naps as often as you need them

Short naps during pregnancy helps your body relax and rejuvenate
Take short naps and rest whenever you get the chance.

You’re going to need a lot of energy to care for a little one. That’s why it’s important that you rest whenever you get the chance.

You won’t be able to take a nap easily with a newborn in your home, so take advantage of this time in your life to enjoy a sweet siesta.

9. Have a gender reveal party when you are pregnant

Throw a gender reveal party for friends and enjoy
Throw a gender reveal party with family and friends.

Invite your family and friends and let them be in on the fun. You’ll have a blast planning your party and the special way you’ll announce your baby’s gender.

Make sure someone is there recording your reaction because you’ll one day want to share it with your child.

10. Document your pregnancy journey

Maintain a dairy, noting all important events about your childbirth
Start documenting your pregnancy experiences.

Among the best things you can do for yourself is to keep a written or recorded account of your pregnancy.

It’s a special way to bond with your baby before they’re born. It also tells their story month-by-month as you eventually approach your due date.

Experience all the joy pregnancy offers by making use of the tips above. You can easily control your environment by making small adjustments daily. In return, you’ll be happier, healthier, and more comfortable in your own skin. You’ll even be better prepared for baby to arrive, too!

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