5 Tips for Dads-to-Be about Pregnancy

5 Tips for Dads-to-Be about Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, she is pretty much in charge of taking care of the entire baby-making process. However, men who are actively involved in their partner's pregnancy can fulfill a very important and much appreciated role.

Here are 5 tips for dads to be about pregnancy:

5 tips for dads to be about pregnancy
Be a good listener to your partner and let her express herself during this time of change.

1. Be a Good Listener and Talk to Your Lady

When your lady is pregnant, she is experiencing a lot of changes in both her body and her mind. There is a lot that she thinks about and a lot that she feels. Be there to lend an ear when she needs to vent and engage in conversation with her. This will help you be on the same page and know how she'd doing all of time. Your connection will get stronger and the bond that you will create will solidify the foundation that you will have ready when the baby is born.

Help her around the house with cleaning up or by cooking a few times a week.

2. Help out around the House

It's pretty clear that during pregnancy a woman needs a lot of help with much of the basic tasks of her daily life. Help her out around the house, cleanup after yourself, cook a meal at least once or twice a week and when she's exhausted from a long day, encourage her to put her feet up and relax. Be aware of her needs, she will appreciate it more than you can even imagine!

5 tips for dads to be about pregnancy pack your bag for hospital
Pack your bag for the hospital, be prepared for the days you'll be there.

3. Pack Your Bag

When you and your lady head to the hospital or birthing center to deliver the baby, she will be taking a hospital bag with everything she needs for the next few days. You need to be prepared as well, so get packing! In your bag you should include items such as: a change of clothes, pajamas, undies, a good book, a copy of the birth plan and comfy shoes. Have this ready to go so you won't be scrambling at the last minute.

5 tips for dads to be about pregnancy mom and dad
Learn about what your partner is going thru during pregnancy so she feels more comfortable knowing you understand what she is going through.

4. Educate Yourself

earn as much as you can about pregnancy. If you are confident in what your lady is going through, this will ease her mind from having to worry about explaining things she doesn't think you will understand. Plus, you will always know what she is going through and how you can help. This is especially true for labor and delivery since it is very likely that you will be her #1 birthing partner.


5. Have a Contact List

When your lady goes into labor, one of your duties will be to let everyone know. Coordinate this properly with her so that you know exactly whom you should be contacting and when. You can even setup a buddy system with a close friend or relative so they can do this for you.

Following these 5 tips will help ensure that you have a positive experience during your lady's pregnancy. Trust when we say that she will be overjoyed to see how much you care.

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jul 07, 2016
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