Baby Proof Your Home : 10 Must-Have Child Safety Products

Baby Proof Your Home : 10 Must-Have Child Safety Products

Protecting your child from accidents, illness, and injuries is your role as a mother. What if you could baby proof your home better with the right tools in terms of child safety products?

Thanks to all the incredible child safety products existing today, you’ve got more options than ever to child proof your home and ensure the health and well-being of your little one after giving birth to them.

Here are ten of the most sought-after child safety products easily available in the market today.

1. Cabinet Latches : Baby Proofing Product

Get childhood cabinet latches as a product for baby proofing your home
Varying sizes of cabinet latches are good for your child's safety.

Keep curious kids from opening drawers and doors by installing latches of various sizes throughout the home. Each style has its own advantages but what they have in common is that they’re all easy to install and baby proof.

2. Outlet Covers : Enhances Child Safety

Cover power outlets where young kids are around, another child proofing checklist item
Cover all power outlets so that the young ones don't insert their fingers.

Prevent little ones from shocking themselves by covering all power outlets with plastic caps. Hard to remove without the strength of an adult, this product is a must-have for parents and grandparents with small children living or visiting the household.

3. Safety Gates : Another Baby Proof Home Necessity

Install safety gates to block your kids entering dangerous zones, another child proofing measure
Installing safety gates to block entrance of your kids to risky zones is another safety measure.

Keep little ones out of places that aren’t safe for them by installing safety gates. There are many different types to choose from with some being pressure mounted and others being hardware mounted, whichever is preferred.

4. Bed Rails : Prevents Newborn from Falling

bed railings is another efficient way to bed proof your house
Putting railings along the bed of your child prevents them from falling accidentally.

Prevents children who are transitioning from crib to bed from falling out and injuring themselves. They’re easy to remove and wash as well, making them a staple in many households across the country.

5. Night Lights : Better Visibility

Put some night light in your child's room for night safety, baby proof your house to avoid accidents
A night light switched on for the entire night in your child's room can save everyone from falling accidentally in dark.

Allow parents, caregivers, and children to see things in the dark so they don’t get harmed. Little ones who are potty trained and get up in the night to use the bathroom have an easier time finding their way back to bed on their own.

6. Inflatable Neck Cushions for Babies Traveling in Car

Get U-shaped neck pillows for your children
Inflatable u-shaped neck pillow for your baby is required during long drives.

The u-shaped pillow provides neck support for babies and small children. It’s essential for long car rides where little ones are sure to fall asleep and need something to keep their head propped up.

7. Window Shades : Prevents Harmful Sun Rays

baby proofing - Right window shades can help your newborn's skin from harmful UVB and UVA rays
Your newborn's skin is tender, so install window shades to block harmful sun rays.

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage your child’s skin. It’s important to install window shades on all back windows to keep your baby or toddler comfortable.

8. Bath Supports with Foam Padding : Child Proof Home Necessity

child proof your bathroom with foam padding
Baby proofing your house starts with your bathroom, install foam padding support.

Gives babies upper support while bathing. The support is designed to keep the child upright while the mother and father wash the baby’s body and hair.

9. Step Stools for Naughty Children : Baby Proof House

Step stools is another addition to your child's safety products
Step stool is another addition to the many products you can bring to ensure your child's safety.

Allows children who are ambulatory to climb onto toilet seats and access sinks on their own without assistance. Step stools give kids leverage which could be problematic if a parent hasn’t prepared by safety-guarding cabinets.

10. Water Spout Covers Saves Kids from Scalding

baby proofing tips, water sprout covers saves your child from hot water scalding
Water sprout cover is another necessity item to make your home childproof.

Prevents babies and young children from being scalded by hot water. Installing water spout covers in the bathrooms and kitchen in homes is imperative as it prevents harmful accidents from occurring.

Now that you know which products are best at protecting your child, you’ll have a much easier time buying some of them for your home.

You won’t leave any stone unturned because you’ll anticipate your child’s behavior and go to the lengths necessary to prevent accidents and preventable illnesses from occurring.

You’ll sleep more soundly at night knowing that your son or daughter are successfully protected from dangers inside and outside the home.

Keep Yourself Safe Too

I know, as a mother, it's difficult to focus on yourself. Hopefully this list has helped you feel a little more prepared for the journey ahead, but don't forget about yourself too. Your safety is just as important - how can you care for someone if you're not caring for yourself?

Postpartum girdles can help lessen your recovery time, and prevent you from hurting yourself after the birthing process. No matter how many children you have, each birth story is different, so you want to be prepared for anything.

Postpartum girdles and corset is a necessity for new moms as other safety products for your child
Bellefit® Postpartum Girdles & Corsets – Medical-Grade, FDA-Registered, Doctor-Recommended since 2008.

Investing in a Bellefit postpartum girdle can give you the peace of mind you need to put all your energy into caring for your new child, while also caring for yourself.

Do let us know of any other child safety products you know. We would love to include in the list so as to help new parents baby proof their house.
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Cynthia Suarez

  • Jan 01, 2020
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