Breastfeeding After C Section: A Few Need-to-Knows

Breastfeeding After C Section: A Few Need-to-Knows

C Section and Breastfeeding Facts and Tips for Moms

If breastfeeding is your preferred way of feeding your baby, you’ll want to know what it’s like when breastfeeding after C section.

Having that information in the forefront of your mind prepares you for the process. It also provides you with tips and trusted advice to make the experience as easy and comfortable as possible for both you and your child.

Following your surgery, you’ll find yourself healing. Depending on how well you feel, you could breastfeed very soon after giving birth. This is because some hospitals allow you to bond with your baby in that way while you’re still in the operating room.

Here is some additional information about breastfeeding after C section that you’ll want to know about.

The Best Positions for Breastfeeding After Surgery

breastfeeding after C section
Mother breastfeeding her baby.

Considering your body will be healing following surgery, you’ll want to make sure that you're in a position that is comfortable and optimal for breastfeeding.

The best positions for breastfeeding after C section include Side-Lying, The Football Hold, and Cradle or Cross Over Hold according to What to Expect. To better understand how these positions work, it’s important that we explain them in greater detail.


One of the easiest positions available for breastfeeding after C section is Side-Lying. It can be done a few days after surgery and remains one of the most comfortable ways to feed your baby.

It involves you laying on your side while holding your child so that there isn’t pressure on your surgery area.

The Football Hold

Clutching your little one the way a football player holds a ball is what the Football Hold is all about.

You can keep the baby’s head propped up with the support of a breastfeeding pillow. If you don’t have one before your delivery date, it’s advisable to get one.

Cradle or Cross Over Hold

A breastfeeding or normal pillow is a necessary tool when using the Cradle or Cross Over Hold technique to feed your baby. It involves the baby laying on top of the pillow.

By being in this position, you’ll refrain from putting unnecessary strain or pressure on your stomach which is healing from the C-Section you’ve undergone.

Having a Dedicated Person Help You with Breastfeeding is Ideal

Parents with newborn baby
Happy young parents with their newborn baby girl.

Considering movement may be difficult for anyone who underwent a major surgery, asking for assistance from your partner, trusted family member, devoted friend or doula helps. They can hand the baby to you once you’ve gotten into the position you want to breastfeed in.

A lactation expert is available in the hospital to help you with latching and to provide valuable tips on how to keep your milk flowing while you heal.

Ask Your Doctor for Specific Advice Before Your Scheduled Delivery Date

breastfeeding after C section tips
Breastfeeding a newborn baby

Immediately breastfeeding after C section is a possibility if you’re feeling up to it.

Discussing the option with your doctor allows you to ask specific questions about the delivery process. Asking questions also helps you learn the risks that come with this type of surgery.

Because the medical professional knows your medical history and details about your current lifestyle, they’re better able to provide you with personalized answers that meet your needs.

Referring to the information shared within this article about breastfeeding after C section gives you an organized outline of things to expect and inquire about before your delivery date.

Wear a Postpartum Girdle

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If you've given birth via Caesarean section, which of the positions mentioned here have you tried? Which one worked the best for you?

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