Falling While Pregnant - What To Do Right After?

Falling While Pregnant - What To Do Right After?

If you suffer a serious fall while pregnant, it’s important that you immediately get checked out at the hospital. Falling isn’t only of great concern for the elderly. It poses dangerous threats to pregnant women and their unborn children, too.

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That way, if there are any complications, they can be addressed before they worsen and cause harm to you or your baby. A serious fall when you are pregnant can cause you to miscarry the child.

Read this list to get an idea of what to do if you’ve fallen while you’re pregnant.

Most falls are Nothing to Worry About

Fall During Pregnancy
Determine the severity of your injuries after falling down in pregnancy.

Your body is built to be tough, especially while pregnant. There is enough amniotic fluid, membranes, and muscles in the uterus to keep the fetus safe. A fall may occur because your feet are swollen or because you’re feeling dizzy due to getting up from a seated position too quickly.

Be mindful of how and where you fall when pregnant because that can determine the severity of your injuries.

Signs that a Fall is More Serious than You Thought it was

Falling While Pregnant Second Trimester
If the pain exists even after a few hours of fall, something could be serious!

There are signs you may experience following a fall that could be mild to severe in intensity. For example, if you feel uncomfortable, have pain that exists more than a few hours, don’t feel your baby moving like you once did, notice bleeding from your vagina or experience premature contractions, it’s time to contact your primary care physician right away.

They’ll want to perform an ultrasound to make sure that you and your baby are ok.

You can Prevent Falls When Pregnant by Being Mindful of Your Actions

Fell While Pregnant
Investing in good shoes can provide better support to your feet.

Some of the ways you can prevent falling while pregnant is by investing in shoes that cradle and support your feet. Look for ones with non-slip soles.

You may also want to install handrails where you don’t currently have them, take the elevator whenever possible, and move slowly. That way, your feet don’t get out from under you and cause you to fall.

Practice Good Posture to Prevent Falling while Pregnant

What Happens If You Fall While Pregnant
Practicing good postures during your pregnancy help you balance your body better.

You can prevent muscle cramping and tingling sensations in your feet by practicing good posture while pregnant. This will minimize the likelihood of you falling during your pregnancy.

Wearing Bellefit prenatal support undergarments gives you the support that you need to stay on your feet without losing your balance. Our Prenatal Support Panty is designed to take the strain off your abdomen and lower back. It helps to distribute the excess weight you’ve gained more evenly.

Prepare for the Worst by Carrying Your Phone with You at All Times

Always Carry Your Phone if You Fall While Pregnant
Keep your phone with you so you can call for help whenever required.

Falling while pregnant can be terrifying. It can result in you having a miscarriage or hurting the baby in other ways if it is severe in nature. Being prepared to seek medical help if you do fall is vital to you and your baby’s health and safety.

Make sure that you always have a phone with you in the event you fall while you’re alone. You can call 9-1-1 for further assistance if it happens and have no way of getting up on the ground or floor.

Even post pregnancy, you should remain attentive enough so as not to fall down. It may cause severe injuries depending on the impact of your fall. Sometime, bad clothing or weak body support post-pregnancy may be the sole reason. Full body recovery as it was pre-pregnancy will take time, use of right clothes and support, exercises and good care.

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Many women fall while pregnant, YouTuber Taylor Kellie vlogged about her experience. Do you know someone who has gone through a fall while pregnant? We would be glad to hear back what they did to deal with it. Was it a minor injury or a major one?

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