Gifts for Pregnant Friend – 7 Ways to Help Them

Gifts for Pregnant Friend – 7 Ways to Help Them

When your friend is pregnant, it can be hard to figure out what to do to help them. What do they need during this time? Do you get a gift for your pregnant friend or help them out? Well, it really depends on your friend, what do they appreciate? We have a few ideas that can help you get started on helping your pregnant friend.

Offer Practical Support

One of the best gifts you can give to your pregnant friend is the gift of support. Offering practical support in the form of doing laundry, picking up groceries, and doing dishes can really make their day easier. It’s hard being pregnant, their body is going through a lot of changes and that can make it hard to get everyday tasks done. So take a look at their to-do list, and offer any form of support that you can. They will be incredibly grateful, and you can do something nice for your friend.

Couple Buying Fresh Fruit And Vegetables In Sustainable Plastic Free Grocery Store

Couple Buying Fresh Fruit And Vegetables In Sustainable Plastic Free Grocery Store

Have a last get-together

Even though your friend is pregnant, they are still the same person they were before. Yes, they are about to bring a child into the world, and that will come with some changes, but it won’t change everything. It can be hard to be pregnant and still feel like an individual. Pregnant women are constantly having their space invaded, being told what to do, how to do it, and how to raise the child later. It can be incredibly frustrating – it feels as though you are seen as just a vehicle for your baby and not as your own person.

Make sure you treat them like your friend. Take them out to parties, go to brunch, go shopping, keep doing the same things as you always have. This will make them feel like an individual again, and let them escape from the constant stress of getting ready to give birth.

A great way to really enjoy your time together is having a last get-together with all your friends before she gives birth. Don’t focus on her pregnancy, just focus on having fun. She will appreciate it, and be able to have fun before she is cooped up with the baby in the house.

Go Shopping with Her

Preparing to have a baby is stressful and difficult. There is so much you have to buy and read and learn before your baby comes. It can be helpful to have a friend to help you with all of the craziness. You guys can go shopping together for baby things. Talk and distract her from the overwhelming amount of stuff she has to do. And just be there for her. You could even help by carrying her bags for her. Especially once she gets further along in her pregnancy.

Spend Time with Her

A great gift for your pregnant friend, is the gift of your time. The chaos and craziness of preparing for a baby is not fun. Having something to look forward to throughout your week is a lifesaver when you are pregnant. So make sure to plan outings, and fun things with her. It will be a great opportunity for you to see and hang out with your friend. And for her, it is a great chance to feel normal again.

Young girl comforted by friend

Amid all the planning and preparing, it is good for her to have one source of stability to cling to. Try not to change how you interact with her, just because she is pregnant doesn’t mean she is a completely different person. She is the same person, and she wants to be viewed that way, so give her your time and ear.

Listen to her problems

Between the crazy hormones, the changing body, and the changing lifestyle your friend is going through some stuff. She may want to talk about the baby and complain about stuff, or she may just want a distraction for a bit. Be open and willing to listen and talk with her about it.

You don’t have to know how to help, and many times she won’t want advice or help, she just wants someone to listen. She already has her doctor, books, her partner, and random people telling her how to live her life, she doesn’t need you doing it too. If she just needs to complain, just listen and be understanding. Imagine being in her shoes, and talk about how much it must suck. She will be grateful that someone was there to listen.

Gifts for Pregnant Friend

Little gifts for your pregnant friend are a great way to show your love and support for her. Everyone loves to get little surprise gifts. It doesn’t have to be anything big or crazy, but even just bringing her breakfast in the morning can make her day better. If you notice her feeling down one day, take the time to ask her what is wrong, and bring her something to cheer her up a little. Maybe she is just really feeling nauseous one day, bring her some ginger ale and crackers. It may not seem like a lot, but it shows that you are listening and care about them.

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Offer her Support After Her Pregnancy

After your friend has given birth, what do you do now? You can still offer your love and support for her, even once she has given birth. You can still continue to help her with practical things like laundry, and dishes. She may even appreciate it more, because now she doesn’t have time to do those things, since she is focused on caring for her newborn.

Another great gift for your pregnant friend – or postpartum friend – is a postpartum gift basket. Her body is going through a lot right now, especially after giving birth. She is going to need pads, and underwear, and she may even want a postpartum girdle.

That is where Bellefit comes to the rescue. We have everything you will need to create a postpartum gift basket for your friend. With nursing bras, comfortable underwear, and postpartum girdles. And if you don’t want to take away her choice, you can always buy a gift card too. She will be incredibly appreciative of all your help and support.

We hope this has been a helpful guide for you to help your pregnant friend. And we hope you have found some ideas for gifts for your pregnant friend.

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