Ideas for Your Rainbow Baby Shower

Ideas for Your Rainbow Baby Shower

A rainbow baby is the ultimate gift for parents that are welcoming a child after the difficulty of experiencing a miscarriage or stillbirth. Friends and family get to come together and celebrate this new bundle of joy with the happy parents for a baby shower, bringing gifts, good times, and a lot of fun with them.

Whether you are throwing or attending a rainbow baby shower, there’s always something you can do to contribute. One of the best themes for a shower like this is - wait for it - rainbows. Whether the soon-to-be mom loves bright colors or wants to celebrate with joy and excitement, rainbows are the perfect theme for a baby shower.

Here are a few ideas to get you started when planning this momentous occasion.


Why not incorporate rainbows into every element of the shower? Remind everyone that this shower is to celebrate the treasure found at the end of the rainbow for this new mom with an invitation designed with a rainbow.

You can incorporate rainbows into the color theme, and if you’re feeling creative, try implementing all of the colors of the rainbow throughout the text as well. Start the baby shower off right from the beginning with the theme on the invitation.

Guest Book

When putting together a guest book to help record the good times for when you’re reminiscing later, you have another great opportunity to incorporate the rainbow theme again. A colorful guestbook compliments the shower perfectly and is a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

Try making your guestbook with 3D elements if possible, possibly with a rainbow on the front, or incorporating the colors of the rainbow into a fun design. Try something the expecting mom really loves and show her you’re thinking of her!


What better way to incorporate a shape that streaks across the sky in a beautiful array of colors than to make a rainbow garland? A string of rainbows or a long piece of rainbow-colored garland is the perfect piece to tie the space together.

Put it in doorways, across windows, and if you’re outside, you can string it up anywhere and everywhere. You might even be able to hang it from the trees!


It wouldn’t be a party without cake, and in keeping with the rainbow theme, a rainbow-colored cake is a perfect dessert for your rainbow baby shower. The cake could be frosted with rainbow colors, or the cake itself could be baked with colors inside. Whatever you choose to do, the colors will be a memorable touch to whatever delicious cake you decide to serve...

Plates and Cutlery

...And when you’re ready to serve it, what better way than on some rainbow-colored plates and cutlery? Matte or pastel colors would look great with some disposable plates and cutlery that you don’t have to worry about washing when you’re done.

That colorful cake is going to look great served and eaten on an equally colorful set!


It wouldn’t be a party without balloons! It’s a great item to buy with a rainbow theme because balloons often come in rainbow shapes, and if they don’t, you can buy multi-colored balloon packs to create a rainbow effect at the baby shower.

Set them all up in a line or tape them in a rainbow shape, and double down on the rainbow theme with your inflatable decorations.

Floral Centerpieces

Take your rainbow theme to the next level by arranging flowers in a rainbow pattern on the table, right in the center. For maximum effect, you can do large groupings of the same color and create a long rainbow of flowers lining the center of the table.

The impact of having an abundance of natural colorful flowers will stick with your guests for a long time, and the smell will be a welcome addition as well.


Now that the guests are taken care of, it’s time for the baby on the way and the soon-to-be mom. Gifts are a classic part of a baby shower and give you the perfect opportunity to incorporate a little more rainbow in the party.

Classic gifts like clothes and toys are timeless, and if you can find a rainbow onesie or socks in rainbow colors, this would be the perfect gift to bring. If you are planning the shower, try talking to the other guests ahead of time to coordinate gifts, and see if anyone else can help find some rainbow-themed clothes or toys for the little one on the way.

Gear for Mom

Let’s not forget who this baby shower is for, right? Your expecting mom could use some gifts and gear for when her baby arrives, and this is a great opportunity to bring more gifts. Strollers, bibs, bottles, and breastfeeding equipment, and postpartum girdles are all helpful starters for any mom-to-be.

A medical-grade postpartum girdle like from Bellefit can help a mom post-childbirth in recovery, as it supports her abdomen and back. If you can find a fun design (maybe rainbow-themed), even better. With this, she’ll be getting back to everyday life with her newborn and enjoy every moment in no time! Check it out!

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Cynthia Suarez

  • Mar 25, 2021
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