Post-Pregnancy Compression Garment

Post-Pregnancy Compression Garment

2 Weeks Postpartum and discovered this amazing @bellefit compression garment to help with recovery.

Wish I had known about it since Day 1! Thankful for their super fast shipping.

I haven’t been cleared to get back to my normal fitness routine yet and I am ok with that. Even though I feel great and totally like I could bust out some burpees, I definitely want to allow my body to heal and fully recover.

That doesn’t mean that I have to sit idly by and wait to start the post baby bounce back journey.

This medical grade garment is going to give me a much needed head start. I’ve only been wearing it for a few hours and I can already tell a difference in the support in my back and core.

I am excited to see how it helps with swelling and bringing everything back together. Also, peep that pineapple bun. It’s my go-to mom hairstyle these days.

To learn more about sizing, visit our Sizing Page!

She Used:

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Carolina Suarez

  • Jan 31, 2018
  • Category: News
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