Rainbow Baby - What it is, Emotions, and What to Expect

Rainbow Baby - What it is, Emotions, and What to Expect

You may have seen babies wrapped in rainbow cloths or pregnancy announcements featuring rainbow colors and wondered, what’s with the rainbow? With a new wave of authenticity surrounding the struggles of pregnancy, more and more women are sharing the stories of their rainbow babies. But what is a rainbow baby? In this article, we will discuss the phrase ‘rainbow baby,’ what it means, emotions surrounding rainbow babies, and what to expect when you are pregnant with a rainbow baby.

What is a rainbow baby?

Rainbows are beautiful and bright symbols of sunshine and good weather after a storm. Rainbow babies are healthy babies that are born after a miscarriage, stillborn, infant loss, or neonatal death. These babies are the ‘rainbow’ that appears after a dark and stormy period. The phrase ‘rainbow baby’ has come to symbolize hope and healing and has become popular in recent years.

With the rise of social media and social media influencers, there has also been a rise in authenticity online. More and more women are bringing to light the struggles they experienced with pregnancy or becoming pregnant. What was once taboo to talk about is now becoming commonplace--as family YouTube channels, mommy bloggers, and Instagram influencers display their day-to-day lives and experiences.

With this rise of authenticity comes the good with the bad. Mothers have opened up about their miscarriages, the feelings they experience, the struggles with pregnancy, and the joys of it too. So, as these families and women open up they inspire people with their messages of hope in dark periods. There are many emotions that parents may struggle with when they become pregnant with a rainbow baby.

Emotions with a rainbow baby

When you become pregnant you are likely to experience feelings of excitement, anxiety, and happiness. The loss of a pregnancy or child can cause a lot of guilt and grief. When these emotions are closely tied together and can create a war within your own mind. On the one hand, you are excited and relieved to be pregnant again, but on the other hand, you feel guilty for being happy and anxious that it could happen again.

After the loss of a child, the feelings of grief and loss can be overwhelming. It is important that you take time to process and talk through your emotions. It can be hard, especially when you had just experienced so much joy at their arrival. Once you lose a child it is easy to fall into a depression and actively avoid feelings of happiness and fulfillment. This is because it feels like a betrayal to your baby. When you become pregnant again it can be hard to fully give yourself over to the feelings of happiness and joy like you once did.

Anxiety is a very common emotion that parents pregnant with a rainbow baby may experience. You are likely nervous that something could happen to your new baby, scared to get your hopes up in case something does happen, and afraid you may do something wrong. It is important that you share your emotions and feelings with someone that you trust--whether that is your partner, a doctor, a therapist, or a family member.

What to expect with a rainbow baby pregnancy

After learning of your pregnancy and dealing with the influx of emotions, you will likely want to monitor your baby closely. Make sure you talk to your doctor, or physician, about your concerns with this new pregnancy. They can offer you advice and monitor your baby’s activity closely to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy. They can also provide you with accommodations and assistance with your emotions during this time.

Some women choose not to tell family members they are pregnant with a rainbow baby until they feel comfortable. Other women choose to tell their family members and seek support from them through this difficult time. Joining grief groups or seeking out support to process your emotions is essential.

A rainbow baby pregnancy can feel like the light at the end of the tunnel. All the trauma and grief you experienced is still there. But it is dimmed by the happiness you are experiencing now. All of the bad things about pregnancy don’t seem as bad because you have a healthy baby to look forward to. Morning nausea means that your baby is growing, and feeling the baby kick can bring overwhelming joy.

Women who have experienced a loss of a pregnancy or the loss of a child are more likely to have postpartum depression, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or sleeping disorders. Having a good support system is the key to overcoming these things.

Key Takeaways

A rainbow baby is a pregnancy after a loss. They are a beacon of hope and a promise of future happiness after a dark period of time. Pregnancy with a rainbow baby can bring up a lot of emotions. Processing your emotions with someone and talking about them can help fight the depression and anxiety that can come.

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