Should I Wear a Girdle After Giving Birth?

Should I Wear a Girdle After Giving Birth?

As a new mother, you likely have questions about what you can and cannot do after giving birth. There will be a period of rest and recovery following the birthing process that you’ll be recommended to take. You’ll also want to be very careful with your physical body while bathing and dressing, particularly if you have sutures due to the surgical procedure you’ve just undergone.

So, how do you know if a postpartum girdle is right for you or not? Do a lot of women find it necessary to wear such an undergarment? Are there risks involved in using a post-pregnancy corset for lower back and abdomen support?

These questions may come to mind after you’ve delivered your child. Legitimate in every way, we’re here to help you come to the conclusion that girdles are, indeed, safe to wear after giving birth. That way, you’re able to decide which style best meets your needs physically and fashionably.

Not for the Faint-Hearted According to an A-List Celebrity

Take it from actress and entrepreneur Jessica Alba that wearing a corset after having a baby isn’t for the faint-hearted. She wore a double-corset day and night to get back to her original pre-pregnancy shape. Her biggest complaint was how incredibly sweaty she was but then explained that it was doable for some women.

Weighing the pros with the cons helps you determine whether wearing a girdle after birth is right for you. To better understand what you’re up against, let’s look at both sides in greater detail.

The Pros of Wearing a Postpartum Girdle

Among the many benefits that comes with wearing a postpartum girdle is how well it keeps things in place. With pregnancy weight being an issue for many women who have just given birth, a postpartum girdle helps compress the abdomen, giving you a seamless look that can be worn under dresses, skinny jeans, and even sweatpants.

Next, it provides extra support for the lower back which has a tendency to hurt whenever weight is gained. Having a garment that keeps everything in place makes it easier for you to exhibit good posture and prevent muscle strain. That means that you won’t risk injuring yourself while you work to lose the extra weight you gained while pregnant.

Corset-Wearing Cons

Some of the negatives that come with wearing a corset include cost and restriction. Investing in a girdle can set you back quite a bit of money depending on the brand and style that you choose. It’s more expensive than any bra or pair of underwear that you’ve purchased but does offer durability which leads to its long-term use.

The other thing you’ll want to be aware of is how binding a corset can be. It compresses the abdomen and back. Although there are many styles available making it easier to put on and take off a corset, it’s still very form-fitting and restrictive.

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