What Are Kegels?

What Are Kegels?

A strong pelvis is beneficial to pregnant women. It prevents incontinence and makes birthing a baby smoother and less painful. Kegels are exercises that help strengthen the pelvic wall resulting in a successful delivery of your baby.

the benefits of doing kegels

The Benefits of Doing Kegels

There are many benefits that come with doing Kegels. For example, the exercise is free and doesn’t require special equipment. It can also be done in the comfort of your own home and discreetly which increases the likelihood of women doing them regularly.

How Will Doing Kegels Help Me?

There are many ways to prepare your body for delivery and recovery after pregnancy. Bellefit helps you compress and support your body post-partum. You’ll have an easier time expelling fluids, reducing swelling, and improving your posture by wearing one of our special girdles.

How Long Should I Hold Each Kegel?

If you want to know how often you should do Kegels, you’re not alone. When you first start out, you’ll find them somewhat difficult to do. You should only tighten the pelvic muscles for three to five seconds before relaxing them for an equal amount of time.

Doing this four to five times in a row a couple times of day is sufficient. Once you’ve conditioned the pelvis, however, it’s easier to hold the tightened muscles for longer. You can do this for up to 10 seconds at a time with practice as well as increase the amount of repetitions that you do.

By the time you’ve been practicing Kegels for a while, you should do three sets of 10 of them daily for best results. Keep in mind that it’s much better to get quality squeezes in opposed to a bunch of squeezes that do nothing to condition the pelvic muscles. The idea is to get the most use out of the exercises so that you’re able to give birth easily and prevent incontinence wherever you go.

When Should I Start Doing Kegels?

You can start doing Kegels early on in your pregnancy. That way, you have more time to condition the pelvic muscles. Even after you’ve delivered, you can continue doing the exercises.

They’ll help you speed along healing and improve muscle tone. You can even use smartphone apps to help remind you to do your exercises. There are many options available for iOS and Android users.

So, to summarize, Kegels can be done at the beginning stages of pregnancy and long after your baby has been delivered. The exercises work well for women who have never been pregnant before as well as moms who already have given birth in the past. What makes them so great is how accessible and simple that they are.

Kegels are easy to do, free, and beneficial. As a pregnant woman, they can be done daily to help improve your experience. You’ll have a much easier time delivering and recovering after giving birth because of these exercises.

They’re also great for improving your sex life. When the pelvic muscles are strong, pleasure enhances. It’s a positive experience for both you and your partner.

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Cynthia Suarez

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