Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Waist Training Corsets are compression garments designed to help you support your core after pregnancy so you can get back to your usual self faster. Our postpartum girdle c-section approved Corsets help support your c-section incision and promote a faster recovery and return to your daily activities.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdles & Waist Training corsets

If you want to know which postpartum girdle is best, Bellefit ® is an option that provides comfort and support. The after birth girdle selection featured here is constructed with care and meant to provide an excellent experience for the women who choose to buy a belly wrap and waist trainer. Perfect for c-section recovery as well as compression and lymphatic drainage, a csection recovery belt prevents symptoms from worsening by promoting healing in a well-constructed and supportive garment that can be worn after pregnancy.

The C-Section Recovery Option You Hoped For

Will a girdle help after pregnancy? The answer is “Yes, tremendously.” If you want to protect and support the incision you received as a result of your c-section, a waist training corset for postpartum helps. It prevents sutures from breaking, the wound from eviscerating, and the c-section incision from becoming irritated or infected due to the change in movement that has suddenly occurred. It’s the undergarment that has helped women recover from surgery safely, effectively, and efficiently for years.

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Diminishing Diastasis Recti with Postpartum Girdles

Abdominal muscle separation, known as Diastasis Recti, is remedied in two ways. The first is through basic abdominal exercises that can be done daily. The second is by wearing an after pregnancy girdle. Both provide adequate support for women who plan to lift and carry their child and other objects after giving birth. The combination of exercise and a Bellefit ® postpartum girdle gives women the core strength needed to prevent injuries from happening.

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What to Expect After Childbirth

Swelling? The best waist training corsets & postpartum girdles can help


It’s very common for women to experience swelling after childbirth. This occurs for a variety of reasons including reactions to medications, water retention or hormonal changes. Whichever the reason may be, be sure to stay hydrated rest when possible and consult with your doctor if you feel any pain or are concerned about the swelling.

Waist training corset & postpartum girdles for your belly

Your Belly

When your baby is born, the space that he or she filled inside your womb will need some time to shrink back down; this will leave your abdomen softer and more jiggly than you are used to. It is perfectly normal and it will get better.

A waist training corset or postpartum girdle can help

Your Emotions

Emotions can be a bit challenging to understand and keep under control after you have a baby. Hormones continue to take charge of everything your body is going through and it’s perfectly normal to experience emotional highs and lows. Be patient with yourself and know that you are not alone in this and that everything will get easier with each day that you continue to bond with your baby.

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Postpartum Bleeding and Menstruation

Say hello to your long lost feeling of menstruation. For the first week (sometimes weeks) after giving birth, you will experience postpartum bleeding which is normal. Your body will naturally cleanse your uterus of its baby making experience. This will of course be accompanied by the usual cramping. Try to have lots of heavy flow pads ready to go so you don’t run out. Also talk to your doctor about options to help with any pain and if you experience a flow that seems heavier than normal.

Postpartum women are able to recover faster after giving birth by wearing the special undergarment.

Knowing which postpartum faja (girdle) is best for you depends on your personal needs and preferences. We offer a range of options in different sizes to accommodate your body. Choose from the Dual Closure Girdle, Bellefit Corset, Corset Thong, Girdle with Side Zipper, and Girdle Pull-Up. Each has specific features that maximize comfort and provide accessibility without the need to be removed. Many options are appropriate for women who have had a c-section or natural birth while others are best for mothers who gave birth naturally. Bellefit has the best options for a waist trainer after birth.