How Does Bellefit Collaborate with Doulas?

We understand the importance of a Doula during a woman’s pregnancy and delivery. Doula professionals are aware of the benefits of belly compression after giving birth and find that Bellefit is an essential tool for recovering mothers. Doulas who collaborate with us promote and provide Bellefit products to their clients while earning revenue & commissions.

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Who Wears Bellefit?

Bellefit is worn by women after they give birth either vaginally or via c-section.

What Does a Bellefit Corset Do?

Bellefit supports a woman’s core and uterus, it improves mobility during her most challenging days, assists with lymphatic drainage and smoothes her abdomen to help them feel more confident while recovering.

When is Bellefit Worn for Best Results?

The ideal time to wear Bellefit is starting at 2-5 days after giving birth. Bellefit can be worn anytime within the first year postpartum

Does it Replace Exercise and Healthy Eating?

Nothing replaces healthy eating and exercise to restore abdominal muscle tone and strength – but many mamas feel comforted by this support garment which binds the abdomen to help them heal. Bellefit is a wonderful addition to a postpartum recovery tool kit.

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