Real Moms share their postpartum recovery stories with Bellefit.


I used Bellefit after my 2nd c-section. I started using Bellefit as soon I got home from the hospital, and I still continue to wear it today. It gives great support! I would recommend this product to every mom!

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The best! Totally recommend it! I didn’t think I would have my stomach again! But I took the risk to spend a lot and I did get great results with the girdle!

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Healing More Effectively After Birth| Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


Using the Bellefit is not just about getting your body back, it’s about healing more effectively and pain-free!

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Support After Birth | Bellefit Postpartum Girdle and Corsets


Bellefit made me feel like my old self again! It provided me the support I needed to take care of my toddler as I recovered from my delivery.

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During week 34 of my TWIN pregnancy, I got pre eclampsia. I put on 20 pounds of water weight in 1 week! I ended up having an emergency c section at 35.5 weeks and was 219 that morning! (I’m typically 125-130 and 5’7″.) I had gotten so swollen and held so much water I couldn’t recognize myself.

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Monique K

I saw great reviews of the Bellefit girdle long before I became pregnant and knew I had to have it for my own postpartum recovery. When I got the girdle in the mail, I was skeptical that I’d be able to get it on after birth even though I ordered my size.

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Linda F

Great material, keeps your tummy in place, great for some one who has had a c-section. Gives great support another great feature are the clips on the bottom of the girdle you don’t have to take the girdle of when you go to the bathroom.

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Abdominal Binder Purpose Results

Tara B

I had one baby vaginal, and the other emergency c section and it felt so good to put on my girdle. The abdominal binder purpose is to deliver that extra support. They were so comfortable that I would wear them almost all day and even work out in them! Thank you so much Bellefit for helping me get back to myself again!

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I absolutely love my Bellefit Girdle. I started wearing it just a few days after I gave birth for a few hours each day and immediately noticed how much support it gave my core. I gradually started wearing it longer and longer throughout the day as I loved the support it gave me and loved how comfortable it was to wear.

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Move Around After Giving Birth |Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


Bellefit was a life saver because it allowed me to move around and take care of both my girls while helping me get back into shape less than 4 months later!

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After being in labor for 20+ hours, I ended up having an emergency c-section. And unfortunately I had to stay in the hospital for a couple of extra days. But as soon as I got home I put the dual-closure girdle on right away.

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Amy S

The Bellefit corset made me feel so secure. Not only with my appearance but my stomach became more firm and flatter due to the corset.

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Stomach Flatter After Birth|Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


Bellefit is PHENOMENAL! After just one month my stomach is flatter than it was in my pre pregnancy state!

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The Bellefit Girdle with zipper was exactly what I need. It really helped me feel secure. Running after a toddler and taking care of a newborn is not easy.

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Postpartum Compression Garment Before and After Results

Deanna F

While expecting our third baby, I knew I wanted to find a postpartum compression garment of some kind for support. After much research I settled on Bellefit.

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Before and After Bellefit bounce back

Elizabeth R

I wore mine a few days after I got home from the hospital. I gained 50 lbs with my pregnancy and I’ve already lost about 40 in just a month with help from my Bellefit.

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Before and After Bellefit Corset Results

Karin N

After an incredible natural childbirth, I left the birth center five hours after my baby boy was born. It was a long but incredible labor and birth, but I felt great afterwards.

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Before and After Results with a Post Partum Girdle


Bellefit was a fantastic product. I wore this girdle starting with day 3 after delivery and have been wearing it for two months now. At first it was a workout only trying to put it on.

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Before and After Slide of First Time Mom

Erica D

I am a first time mom, so I wasn’t exactly sure how my body would change throughout my pregnancy. I definitely wasn’t ready for the 50lbs I gained!

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Rita A

I purchased the dual closure large and I thought it wasn’t going to fit but it fit perfectly. It was a great help when I left the hospital because it was a long way home and it made me feel secure after my c section, as a matter of fact I felt like my wound would open if I didn’t wear my Bellefit.

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Maria K

I’m so glad I found Bellefit, I start wearing it 2 weeks after my c-section, It helped me with the pain…

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Started Using The Girdle 3 Weeks Postpartum|Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


I started using the girdle 3 weeks postpartum and now 2 months later my tummy went down significantly

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Bellefit helped flatten my postpartum belly in just the first week! I was onto the second latch option by my second week!

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I decided to purchase the bellefit corset after reading some reviews. After scheduled to have a second c-section I needed something that would help me and not hurt me.

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Before and After Second Child Results Using Bellefit Corset

Kalen C

I started wearing the Bellefit Corset a few days after giving birth to my second child. And upon putting it on it immediately gave me support in back & sucked in my tummy!

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Adrienne W

I am so glad I found Bellefit! After my second child was born, I could not get rid of a pooch, despite lots of ab work. It was still there when I got pregnant with my third child.

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New Healing Mommy After Birth | Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


I was so anxious about how I would feel after delivering. The girdle gave me the support I needed as a new, healing mommy to meet the physical demands of my new baby.

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Before and After Bellefit Results Slide

Kate L

With this pregnancy being my first, I had no clue what to expect or what I would need to do to get back into shape. The best decision I ever made for myself was buying the Bellefit girdle.

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Recovery From C-Section | Bellefit Postpartum Girdle and Corsets


bellefit helped me have an awesome recovery from my c-section! It gave me the back support that I needed and the tightness I needed to tighten my belly back!

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Incision Recovery After Birth|Bellefit Postpartum Girdle


My incision felt very secure!! I have almost lost 30pounds and my stomach is almost back to its pre pregnancy size in just 3 weeks postpartum!

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Postpartum Compression Girdle Results


This is my 2nd pregnancy, and I decided to try the Bellefit girdle after reading rave reviews. I was deciding between the Bellefit and another popular postpartum girdle but ultimately decided on the Bellefit because of the hospital grade compression and the fact that it wasn’t bulky and I could wear it underneath my clothes.

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Before and After First Baby Results Slide

Costa E

Having my first baby I was so excited but at the same time worried how my body would look after birth. I gained so much weight during my pregnancy that I thought it would take me years to get back to what I was before I was pregnant.

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Postpartum Compression Girdle Before and After


Bellefit was such an important part of my very successful recovery! I’m so glad that I purchased it after reading so many great reviews (I did a ton of research before making the investment). As I recovered from my c-section, the dual closure girdle made me feel secure, confident, strong and like I was doing something really positive for my body, truly helping it to heal and recover from the inside out.

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Can I just start by saying this girdle is AMAZING!!! I wore this girdle 24 hours a day my first month post partum. Exercising, work,sleep anytime I wore it. This gave the support needed after having a c-section that it made others question if I really did have a cesarean!!

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I had a great experience with my Bellefit girdle. I gained more weight during this pregnancy (#3) than previous pregnancies and wanted to get something that would make me feel more put together postpartum.

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C-Section Recovery | Bellefit Postpartum Corsets and Girdles


This is my second csection and the recovery process was much harder. I had to deal with a new scar which was indented and a belly pouch that I never had before.

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I got my Bellefit girdle 4 weeks postpartum after a cheap belly wrap really wasn’t doing anything, and I wasn’t losing anymore weight after the first 20 Lb came off. I was so thrilled that I was finally able to fit into some non-maternity pants!

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Rebecca G

I loved using my Bellefit corset! I was nervous about spending this much money on a corset when I didn’t use one with my first child. Yet by my second trimester it was clear that I had Diastasiss Recti.

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I wore my corset girdle a bit after delivery. It helped because I did not want to wear the one they gave me at the hospital. The girdle seemed to help with my tummy after my c-section.

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It took me awhile to decided to purchase a Bellefit. I heard great things about it, but this was my 4th and last pregnancy and never used one before I also had hip and low back pain during this pregnancy, so I really felt I needed the extra support in recovery.

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I didn’t like the Bellefit right away but after wearing it a few times I was addicted! It helped me keep my belly muscles pulled in and helped me with my posture during breastfeeding.

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I absolutely love the Bellefit!! Wasn’t sure if it was going to work, but I thought, why not try! I was pregnant with twins and you can only imagine how big my tummy became!

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Before and After Bellefit Results and Benefits

Katie A

I did most things with it on. I felt really supported but also reaped the benefits of a shrinking tummy.I felt very unsupported without it until about 4 weeks post birth.

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One Month Out Of Giving Birth | Bellefit Postpartum Girdle and Corsets


‘m only a month out of giving birth and I can’t believe my results, everyone comments on how good I look and how I don’t look like I just gave birth.

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After Baby Girdle Results


I’m 5’2 with a petite frame and gained 40 lbs each with both my pregnancies which took a huge toll on my body. After my first pregnancy I wished I had purchased a girdle so when I got pregnant the second time I knew I had to get one. After about a month of researching different postpartum belts and girdles I decided on Bellefit and so glad I did!

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I was looking for a belt that would whip me back into shape and one of my friends had mentioned that she used Bellefit and actually got to a weight lower than her pre pregnancy weight.

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Rosa V

This is my first baby and I had a normal delivery. I didn’t know what to expect after the delivery and I hadn’t planned on wearing a girdle.

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Before and After Postpartum Girdles Result Slide

Jenni G

I extensively researched all of the postpartum girdles while I was pregnant and had decided that the Bellefit would provide the best results for helping me get back to my pre-pregnancy shape. I purchased it shortly before I delivered and I was able to fit into it about a week postpartum.

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C-Section Recovery | Bellefit Postpartum Corsets and Girdles


This girdle is amazing! I had my first c section for last baby and it helped with the swelling tremendously.

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