Elise S.

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Elise S.

Let me start by saying Bellefit is amazing and you should just go get one!

Seriously, this is coming from a mother of 2 who is now smaller than I was in high school!

I started using Bellefit the day after I had my daughter and was amazed that my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans fit right away! I wore my Bellefit all day, everyday, and even wore it past the recommended 6 weeks, I loved it that much! I would’ve worn it in the shower too if I could’ve.  🙂

My recovery time seemed to be half that of my first pregnancy and I was able to start exercising earlier.

It was comfortable enough and made me feel more stable during exercise as well. Friends and even strangers commented frequently that they couldn’t believe I had just had a baby.

I’m able to love on my toddler and newborn better because of the confidence Bellefit gave me.

Let’s face it, postpartum recovery is hard enough without feeling unattractive at the same time!

So, do yourself a favor and get a Bellefit, your body and your family will thank you for it!